Inactive [FIX/MECH] BananaChunk v5.0 - Stuck in a lag hole? Request a chunk resend [R1.3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by codename_B, May 31, 2011.

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    No more getting stuck in lagholes!

    Version: 5.0


    Features: Allows users to request a chunk resend if they're stuck in a lag-hole. From version 4.6 onwards there should be no lag holes from teleporting, ever.

    Configuration: None
    Source: Included in the .jar

    • v1-4.3 30/05/2011-unreleased, experimented with the best way to get a chunk
    • v4.4 31/05/2011- released awesome plugin. Saved servers everywhere.
    • v4.5 31/05/2011- fixed invisible players bug.
    • v4.6 02/06/2011 - added teleport lag hole fix
    • v5.0 14/09/2012 - back by popular demand
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    Sorry being ambiguous. Though, at last, much thx!
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    This link doesnt give you the plugin! it takes you to with no signs of any plugin!

    is the plugin still working and very much alive?
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    How do I download this cool plugin? I've tried with the download link, but nothing happens :( , what shall I do?
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    See this:
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    Is this plugin still needed? I've noticed code in Minecraft that does this automatically when you go near chunk errors, and sure enough when I walk near chunk errors on most server they disappear.
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    Thanks buddy
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    Thanks :) I've installed it on my server, and it works :D Great job ;)
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    The link is broken :'(
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    Why are people so lazy and can't read the last page before they post...
    I've already directed 2 other dudes to the link! >_>
    And i really think you should put the link in the first post, codename_B, as everyone is lazy as fuck :D
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    Am I being derp? This plugin seems to have no actual event ran...

      public boolean onCommand(CommandSender sender, Command cmd, String commandLabel, String[] args)
        if ((cmd.getName().equalsIgnoreCase("chunkme")) &&
          (!(sender instanceof Player))) {
          sender.sendMessage(ChatColor.RED + "You aren't a player");
          return true;
        sender.sendMessage(ChatColor.GREEN + "Chunk resent.");
        return true;

    It seems like it might on teleport but not on the actual command....
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    Umm... the download link isnt working very well for me... it says error: could not locate the website
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    Neither are your reading skills, apparently.
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    ? wat r u talking about i clicked on the linnk and it said Error:could not locate the website
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    Check the last page, i've already redirected a few people to the download link, stop being lazy.

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    The other link isn't working either, the plz can u help me I need it we are getting lag holes everywhere

    Where is the last page anyways

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    First, edit your post instead of making another one, and second... Please stop typing like shit.
    Also, you're posting on the last page now.

    I noticed now that the link is down, i'll upload it for you (and other people wanting the plugin too) on my site.
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    Man, I still can't live without this plugin. I turn it off and 10 minutes later I'm falling through the level or stuck in a wall. It seems silly that this is needed.
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    Bug found using MC 1.3.2, CB 2357.

    Players who get into a cart cannot exit the cart or break the cart. The only way out is to log off and back on.

    Edit: Reproduced on ChrizC's server. Note: if a player moves to another chunk inside the minecart they can then exit the cart like normal and break it.
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    Oh, so it's THIS plugin causing that... :p
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    Weird huh? I've pm'd codenameB concerning this so hopefully he can spare a bit of time to investigate it.
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    Because a plugin which hasn't been updated since [1060] is a priority :p
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    I know, I know. But a (long) time ago you did say you might do another release of this.
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    It was last updated for 1.1 R6, and I'm not sure how a bug in an old plugin is less of a priority than a bug in a new plugin. People still use this because it prevents falling through blocks and dieing on teleport.
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    My server cannot live without this D: any official or unofficial update? D:
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    I will update it...


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    I can't get to the download page. It says that the project is currently under moderation :(
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    Gotta wait for it to get through their moderation queue, keep an eye on it.
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    Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):)

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