Inactive [FIX/MECH] BananaChunk v5.0 - Stuck in a lag hole? Request a chunk resend [R1.3]

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    No more getting stuck in lagholes!

    Version: 5.0


    Features: Allows users to request a chunk resend if they're stuck in a lag-hole. From version 4.6 onwards there should be no lag holes from teleporting, ever.

    Configuration: None
    Source: Included in the .jar

    • v1-4.3 30/05/2011-unreleased, experimented with the best way to get a chunk
    • v4.4 31/05/2011- released awesome plugin. Saved servers everywhere.
    • v4.5 31/05/2011- fixed invisible players bug.
    • v4.6 02/06/2011 - added teleport lag hole fix
    • v5.0 14/09/2012 - back by popular demand
  2. Too many to list, isn't it more of a core MC issues anyway? Did not have this on 1.5, mostly same plugins.
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    codename_B - you are a superstar. BananaChunk is short, sweet, and exactly as advertised. Job well done!
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    Point I'm making is that your other plugins could be interfering heavily with my fix - so if I can find the conflict I can devise a cure. As you can see from the responses, it's working lovely for everyone else.
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    I agree on the working lovely part.

    I can get back to working on the nether now :D
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    I still have lag holes a plenty, just not when teleporting. If I wander around, they'll eventually start showing up. That's why I asked for a command to do a proximity chunk load command...
  7. Perhaps this is our issue then, I didn't realize it just fixes teleport holes, will ask my players :p
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    Same problem, removed this plugin and it's all fixed. :)
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    It's working mostly fine here, but when I teleport from one world to another it sometimes tries to load chunks from far away rather than from my current position.
    Plugin list (open)
    Current CB build: 820
    -Annotate v1.2.3 (
    *Backup v1.6 (
    -BananaChunk v4.6 (
    -BigBrother v1.8 b461 (
    *CommandBook v1.5.1 (
    *CommandHelper v3.0.2 (
    -CommandSigns v0.8.4 (
    -CraftBukkitUpToDate v2.5.5 (
    -CreativeBuild v1.5 (
    *DispNameChanger v1.4 (
    !Dynmap v0.17 (
    -Help v2.4.1 (
    -HeroicDeath v1.8.1.156 (
    *iChat v2.3.0 (
    -KeepGrowing v0.1 (
    -Lockette v1.3.8 (
    -LoginMessage v0.6_6 (
    -MagicCarpet v1.5.5 (
    -Minecart Mania v1.2.8 (
    -MinecartManiaCore v1.2.8
    -MinecartManiaSignCommands v1.2.8
    -MinecartManiaStation v1.2.5
    -MinecartManiaAdminControls v1.2.7
    !MultiInv v1.5.2 (
    !MultiVerse v1.7.2 (
    -PerformanceTweaks v0.08 (
    -Permissions v3.1.2 (
    -Tetris v0.4 (
    -TweakedCycle v0.4.1 (
    *WorldEdit v4.4 (
    *WorldGuard 5.0-alpha10 ([/spoiler]
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    This plugin does nothing to alter the normal sending of chunks, it only resends the current chunk. I doubt it is causing your chunk issues.
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    Nice plugin man. Keep up the good work.
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    Great plugin. Thanks codename_B. :)
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    I.. I think I love you...
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    How can I use this for Permissions?
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    codename_b, plz add permissions. I crashed a test server by setting up a script and it dos'ed it from the game XD
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    All of your plugins are so original and useful. You should place a donation link into your threads!
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    There's a donation link on my plugin page :)
  19. A player on the server got a lag hole. I told him to step in it, and it should disappear. I was right in front of him, and i didnt have the lag hole of course :) But then he died when stepping into it. So be carefull when telling ur players to do that :) At least make sure they got more than 1 heart of health.
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    You are a legend, works great.
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    Feature request (if you don't mind): A command to resend neighboring chunks as it can happen just walking around on lower end VPSes.
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    this should totally be incorporated into vanilla Minecraft servers! It would fix most lag deaths... which apparently are another new "Feature" added into Minecraft...
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    Could you make it resend the chunks surrounding the chunk the player is in as well? I quite often die when I walk into lag holes containing lava, cacti, long drops, etc, and I would prefer not to have to stand in them to get them to reload.
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    Agreed.. a distance value? All chunks surrounding player.. my problems have all been just one chunk near me mostly and some times where I'm at.
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    So you want the ability to regen the chunks near you?

    Hmm ok, possible after I add permissions.

    Why on earth are you running it from the command line?

    It's an in-game command designed to resend a chunk to a player.

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    Any chance this plugin can directly speeds up the chunks around him? For example, if I need to quickly speed across the map, I'm limited to how fast the server can catch up.
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    No. If you'd like chunks to be loading faster, use a RAMDISK or somethin. The speed of chunks being loaded is limited mainly by harddrive speed, and by CPU speed. I'm sure there may be a plugin out there that may optimize how chunks are loaded a bit, but this one isn't it.
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    The power of the banana rules! A must add plugin!
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    when trying to DL the plugin i get

    The XML page cannot be displayed
    Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.
    An invalid character was found in text content. Error processing resource '

    im not using a style sheet, im using gChrome, what gives? is the link broken or what?
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    It looks like another chrome bug - which is wierd as the css on my page is super simple.
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    thanks codename_B

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