[FIX] LongGrass v. 3.3.1 - grow (and re-grow) long grass, dead bushes, and pumpkins [1317]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by sunkid, Jun 3, 2011.

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    LongGrass - a simple little plugin to grow and re-grow long grass, dead bushes, and pumpkins

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    So... I find that grass is planted, but when you destroy it, it becomes a placeable block instead of being destroyed or possibly dropping a seed. Is this normal behavior?
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    Is it possible to grow grass in a chunk ONCE but not regrow it? Maybe set the regrowth time to -1?
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    @TwoHeadedBoy : harvested grass should occasionally drop seeds like normal grass. I am not doing anything with it after it is grown, unless you harvest it with the configured tool, and then it is simply regrown.

    @rbos : it only re-grows when harvested with a specifically configured tool. You can disable that tool by setting it to something a player wouldn't be able to hold in hand normally. Try fire or portal :)
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    Can you make a version that also spreads vines? for us that have a pre 1.8 world.
    That would be soo sweet!! :D
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    Not sure that makes sense since there are no swamp biomes in pre 1.8 worlds. When you upgrade to 1.8, newly created swamps should have vines and any vines you place should spread normally, I think.

    Maybe I am missing something!?
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    I wanna see that:

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    There doesn't seem to be anything that grows melons in the wild as of yet. I will keep my eye open for it. As I explained above, vines only grow in swamp lands, which are mission from pre-1.8 worlds.

    Support to re-grow melons and vines after harvesting is already built in.
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    Would it be possible for you to add to disable, the growing of different things? Like grass, melons, pumpkins ect. Everything thing that can be grown? I've been trying to find a plugin that does this.. found one but (well think i did) but its out dated.

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    This would likely be a separate plugin, but I might take that on. Do you want this plugin to eradicate existing "weeds" as well, or just prevent their growth in new chunks?
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    yes to disable whats grown also.
    I'm trying to make things more rare or not to exist at all.. To increase/decrease economy prices.

    Thanks Very Much,
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