[FIX] Flup+3 v1.9.22 - Fixing Last Use of Pickaxe and another Fix [1337]

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    Flup+3 - Fixing Last Use of Pickaxe: Version: v1.9.22 (version number is the build date minus 2010 years)

    Hate it when you don't get drops from blocks when your pick gets destroyed?
    I know that this is not a big bug, but it has always annoyed me a little bit.
    This plugin fixes this issue. (http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Bugs#Tools_2)

    And this plugin fixes (that is the +1) the "Cannot build a half-step on another half-step if a block is above" thing.

    +2: Shear-Fix (cobweb, leaves, vines, tall grass)
    +3: Sword-Fix (cobweb)

    (Yes, I should rename Flup...)

    Installation: Drop Flup.jar into the plugin folder. No configuration / no permissions.

    I hope I don't forget a block.

    Download (10.4KB)
    wget http://xccv.de/files/flup/Flup.jar

    All Versions: http://xccv.de/files/flup/

    Version 1.9.22
    - Added the new 1.8. blocks (stone bricks, stone brick stairs, brick stairs, iron bars)
    - Added fix for last use of shears (cobweb, leaves, vines, tall grass (known bug: last use can also drop seeds))
    - Added fix for last use of swords (cobweb)

    Version 1.7.2
    - Makes it possible to build a half-step on a half-step if a block is above or on top layer of the map

    Version 1.6.23
    - IronBlock drops now with >=Stonepick (not >=Ironpick)

    Version 1.6.22
    - Initial Version

    Thank you shadrxninga for translation! :)
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    Nice work :)
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    Add a features list explaining the basic outline of what your plugin does.

    Also if you want me to fix up your english in your post. Feel free to PM me and i'll be happy to help you out :D
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    There is only one feature, as described in the first 3 lines. :)
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    interesting how long this took to emerge. I think we all just thought it's not that big a deal althoug it really pissed me off every time :)
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    I never noticed this issue, but now I will... I don't know if I should be happy about that, but I'll probably have to install this ;)
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    Version 1.7.2 - added:
    - Makes it possible to build a half-step on a half-step if a block is above or on top layer of the map
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    I've been happily using your plugin on my server since I discovered it... but what do half-steps have to do with FLUP (Fixing the Last Use of Pickaxe)? It seems like these should be separate plugins entirely.
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    That's the +1 in the title. :) I thought both of them are only bugfixes and don't add a feature or make a nice "bug-feature" unavailable, so no one wants to remove one bug and let the other in the game.

    english not good, not good
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    What do broken picks drop?
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    The pick itself drops nothing. You get the appropriate item(s) which should be dropped from the mined block.
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    Hello, i recently downloaded your mod for the Double block fix and i have to say Thank-you :D
    But maybe a suggestion could be a drop list when your pick-axe breaks or items, eg
            Drops: 280:2,
            Chance: 265:1
    #[Drops (2xSticks)]
    #[Chance (1xIron Ignot)]
    Chance Rate: 10
    #[Out of 100?]
    So, when the item breaks it drops both the sticks and has a 1/10 Chance to drop 1 Iron bar.
    You could also do this for all of the tools i suppose.
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    Very nice :D
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    I really like this idea, however, I think this would be worthy of a new plugin.
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    1.8 Update.
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    There fixes are so useful. Thank you.

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