Inactive [FIX/ECON] EndReward v1.4.3 - Get a reward for killing that EnderDragon! (Vault) [1.2.5-R1]

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    Currently, all you get for killing the EnderDragon in SMP is a tonne of experience orbs, which you can use to enchant your items. That isn't very much, seeing as you just killed a dragon and probably died many times while trying! This plugin basically allows OPs to set a reward for killing the EnderDragon, to give your members more of an incentive to get into The End and kill that dragon!

    Now supports all major economies! For a list of supported economy plugins, check out the Vault page.

    /endreward help - Shows all the commands and their usage.
    /endreward info - Shows the plugin version.
    /endreward set <variable> <value> - Sets a variable to a new value. (Variables can be seen on the BukkitDev page or by using the help command in game.)

    All users may use the help and info commands, but only OPs may use the set command.

    (See BukkitDev changelog for each file.)

    To do:
    • Support all major economies. Done in v1.1.0!
    • Allow item and experience rewards. Done in v1.4.1!
    • Customisable currency names, (rather than "coins"). Done in v1.1.1
    • Reset the End after the last player leaves, so there is always a dragon to kill!
    • Allow multiple rewards and of different types.
    • Want more? Leave suggestions in the comments!
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    So nobody has any comments or suggestions?
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    Deleted user

    1. Pictures/Videos
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    Lol I meant as in for features for the plugin, but ok, I can get a couple of screenshots for you guys ;)
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    Thanks! :D

    Getting a screenshot is proving more difficult than I first imagined! ;)

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    I love this plug-in....Now if I can only find a plug-in for a mob arena that I can create to spawn a dragon for a boss!
    If you know of any let me know please! :cool:
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    Suggestion: Not only get a reward for killing the drake, but also reset the end after a customizable delay (or after the last player left it). Do that and baaam you've got everything important concerning that world in one great plugin. Not sure about end-resetting plugins though, haven't seen a good one yet but maybe I'm blind. Anyone knows a good plugin for that?
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    I have two, screenshots like you said, and instead of using commands to change rewards, use the config file.
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    Thanks :D And I think "SpawnMob" and "Essentials" do this, although check first :p

    Yeah I was thinking about this :p I'll look into it after the RB for minecraft 1.1 comes out :) Added to the to-do list :D

    You can change the config as well, but you will need to restart the server or /reload the plugins to update the config, as I haven't coded an "/endreward reload" command :D

    EDIT: I have a screenshot from ages ago when I fist tested the plugin before it was publicly released. It has no colours in this screenshot but it does now - I'll try some more to get a screenshot, but trying to kill it is hard xD
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    is there a way you can make the dragon drop more orbs as the reward?
    and once this has the built in resting of the gonna let everyone know...this plug is the way to go!
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    I'm waiting on Item drops and/or End resets when the last player leaves. I will install this plugin ASAP if those are included.
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    Item rewards and xp orbs will be added in version 1.2.0 which is currently being tested - I'll quote your posts again when the tested version is out! ;)
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    devoid v3

    for item rewards, put it into the config as an array that you can set multiple items for random drop chance as well as configure the drop percentages
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    can u make a configurable items rewards?
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    Is it possible to set the End-Reset once a day?
    Otherwise the player could raid it nonstop and level to highest level.

    If this would be possible I would totally download that!
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    V10lator's EndReset plugin does this but I think it is broken atm - message him about it and I'm sure he can do it for you :)

    Yeah that is on its way! :D
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    Is this going to be for 1.2.4 anytime soon?
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    Done in v1.4.3! Now I'll get to work on multiple rewards and then percentage droprates (suggestion by devoid v3 and Fishy3)! :D
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    Suggestions - Reset the end automatically and/or when the player has left the end! :D
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    Yes indeed!
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    awesome ty guy!
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    Great plugin
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    Actually i have one thing i would like, maybe as a target in the future, It would really help me with a few things but here is what i though could be added, obviously not needed and mainly as my personal wishes :b

    -Ghast like fireballs being shot from the boss
    -Selective health options for the dragon
    -Some fire attack like the fire brush from W/E

    all of which arnt needed and would personally help me. Thanks to anyone that looks!
    Half the job is done fixing the rewards but the enderdragon dosnt really do anything but head butt you xD
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    nice plugin!
    once you've added EndReset i'll start using it.
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    So I can't set the reward amount to $ or a number other than 100. The config.yml file shows 30000 but the amount rewarded stays at 100, and does not change my balance with essentials $, yes I have vault. The message says I got 100 $ Setting the number of diamonds to 30 works.

    As far as resetting the end, you need to copy all the files in the world_end folder and manually spawn a dragon, I do it manually on my servers so far, it is difficult to imagine how you could automate it.
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    Dr. Chayne

    Maybe you should add a feature as to when a player(s) beat the dragon it broadcasts to the server that they beat it?
  29. Okay so I got this on my server and it works wonders, (got another plugin for the reset feature) but I got one problem, right now it's the player who kills the dragon which gets the rewards is there in some way possible to give the reward to everyone who helped kill the dragon the reward?
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    good one...

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