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    Giving this a title is hard...but the jist is there.

    Plugin category: Game/Entertainment/Not Hunger Games.

    Suggested name: King of the Portal

    What I want: The idea I had for the game was this. Players are teleported to a world, with no supplies or inventory. They are let loose on the world with one specific goal. Get to the bottom of the world, gather some obsidian and build a portal (above ground) and be the first to use it.

    The idea is to make players relive what it was like to play MC before the servers got all complicated with heroes and towny. Players would have to go through the whole cycle of collecting wood then stone. Having food on them as they mine, gathering coal to make torches. Iron to get diamond...etc.

    And all the time PVP is enabled and encourage. Steal your way to the top if you can.

    To keep it simple the plugin would control a few things.
    1. Players who die, respawn in the game world.

    2. When a portal is built, it teleports the player back to the home world (not the nether)...Possibly, even a defined location with x,y,z coods.

    3. The world can be delete and refreshed as needed without causing errors with the plugin or config...So maybe only a dependency on having a defined world name.

    4. Optionally, higher spawn rates on mobs underground.

    5. Prize payout define in the config based on the amount of time played...or just prizes for winning.

    6. Optional...add an alert msg when a player places a block of obsidian. Optionally allow players to use a command to abandon what they are doing and go fight. For instance /bottom fight, that would TP them to the vicinity of the player who placed the obsidian. Random place would be ideal, allowing players to potential place obsidian over lava as a trap.

    Ideas for commands: Some optional commands, based on the depth of the plugin. Admin commands could be. /bottom winner, to set the location the winner is Teleported to.

    Ideas for permissions: An optional command for being able to TP when obisidian is place. bottom.freeforall

    When I'd like it by: I would like to aim for 2 - 3 weeks, but asking someone to work for free within a time frame is ludicrous...So, I guess the best answer...Soon
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    BAM. Cause this idea is awesome and you put a Not Hunger Games category I'm making this.
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    Sweet, thanks...
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    A few questions:
    1. Basically you run a command and everyone is teleported into the game?
    2. When someone builds and enters a portal is it then destroyed? Meaning that others have to make their own ones?
    3. What do you mean by 'random place', mentioned in your sixth point?
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    For me personally, I would teleport each player there individually or have a portal with only one way access.

    For #2 That might be a bonus feature...force the players to complete the game...rather than stop the game once a portal is built. But I was thinking more like, once a portal has started to be built, all the players can tp there real quick and slay each other to get the last portal piece in place and win.

    For #3 That would tie into #2...


    3 players in game...player A has all the pieces...and starts making his way to the surface. Along the way he sees some lava, so he places a block of obsidian above it. Announcement to the 3 players... "A has just placed obsidian /bottom to teleport to him"

    Player B issues the command and is teleported to a randomish area near to the obsidian..falls in the lava..Player A continues building his portal....Player C sneaks in, Kills A, takes the lighter and enters portal. WINNER C
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    Love the avatar :p .
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    Right ok! I'll get you a working version by tonight. The only issue is that I can't host Minecraft to test plugins due to some graphics instability, so you'd have to test it for me!

    Want me to private message it to you, or are you fine with it being public?
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    Public? Please! If you need for future reference i have a test server you can use!
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    Oh please, let it out on the world. I will gladly test it.

    And again, and a hundred times more, thank you.
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    This sounds epic. Also i can help you test if you need it.
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    Woah excuse my lateness. I massively sprained my back and could barely move, let alone code, for this whole week. Sorry about that!

    EDIT: Out all weekend cause of parties and shit... Excuse my social life :') Plugin will be done at least end of next week!
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    Don't rush yourself... We all suffer from life.
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    As some of you may have seen I'm kinda leaving Bukkit. Sadly I won't be able to continue on this project. If anyone wants my code so far just PM me. Sorry I let you down fatmarley.
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    Your leaving?!?!?!
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    [quote uid=90590839 name="izak12345678910" post=1358185]Your leaving?!?!?![/quote]
    Yeah... Read the link in my sig for reasons and that

    PogoStick29 Here is the link to the project file for Eclipse <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    I downloaded the source. I'll see what I can do.
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    hey PogoStick29 thanks for continuing the is it coming along?

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