First time server, with a few questions!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by SolNathan, Aug 7, 2013.

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    So I bought a tier 1 server from and I'm having difficulty with installing craftbukkit because I'm not all that tech savvy. I'll give all the details I can hoping for assistance.

    I have windows 7 x64
    minecraft 1.6.2
    I made a .bat and put it along with craftbukkit.jar 1.5.2 and then tried the new 1.6.2 and put it in the proper directory in the versions folder.

    I don't know what craftbukkit build is or how to find it and I'm currently on Group Manager if that means anything.When I switch server type in my McMyAdmin from Official to Craftbukkit it says it can only work on 1.5.2 and I cannot play it whatsoever. Do I have to downgrade??

    Honestly and I apologize, I have no idea what I'm doing or talking about. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I just want my plugins to work as I can only play on the server as Minecraft Official with no plugins.
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    *I Meant The PermGenSpace Volume :rolleyes:
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    Thanks for the help! I actually had a friend come over and he set up a server on my pc which is working beautifully. So I`m good! But I`m glad to know there`s a community of helpful people out there. Thanks again!
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