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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Teh Kitteh, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Is the batch file the Craftbukkit starter?
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    Yes, when you asked how to update your batch file, I assume that you meant the batch file which starts CraftBukkit. If you meant a different batch file, then you can still edit it with any text editor, but you obviously wouldn't make that particular change.
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    1557 breaks quite a few plugins.
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    Really? I haven't had any issues at all. It's quite a good build actually. I just wish they'd hurry up with a recomended one already.
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    Strange.. I had a ton of errors with mob arena, mcmmo, war and others.
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    I'm really confused. The batch file i have is the starter you double click to start up the server. When i right click to hit open as nothing appears? DO i need some specific piece of software?
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    the users wouldnt spam if their questions were answered the first time around. the more you ignore them the more pissed they get. How hard is it to make a general time frame of when CB will be released its not that hard? the answer to that is that it is not very hard so when you finally decide to grow up and stop trolling the inexperienced people and actually answer there questions they will be happy and stop bugging you
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    This answer has been answered dozens of times.
    It's been answered many times before I posted that and many times after.

    You're using your limited knowledge of the subject to formulate an incorrect assumption.
    You're assuming it's easy to give a general time frame. Yet you have no grounds nor valid arguments to assume this.
    It's hard, in fact technically impossible to predict how much time it takes. The team is tracking down, handling reports and fixing bugs.
    This is a process that does not have a time frame. At any point in time, there may be bugs that are currently unknown to the team.
    Because of the general lack of information regarding the existence of bugs they simply can not give an estimate.
    As stated many times, "when it's done" is the only valid estimate they can give. Anything else is a rough guess based on intuition, which may just as well be widely incorrect.

    You're also exhibiting the classic behavior of calling anything that disagrees with your stand point trolling.
    You're displaying an inability to accept there may be people more knowledgeable than you. These people may in fact be telling the truth.
    Just because you don't fully understand the subject being discussed and your limited knowledge makes you deem your arguments correct, it doesn't mean the other party is trolling.
    I'm sorry the truth is hurting you.

    Instead of repeatedly spamming the same question and using caps, users should stop and think for a moment.
    Why is their question not being answer? Is the question badly phrased? Has the question already been repeatedly answered?
    Don't just assume the other party is at fault. We're all very capable of making bad decisions and asking stupid questions.
    Because contrary to certain claims, there certainly is such thing as a stupid question.
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    Jeremy Stuck

    Ok, Im probably gonna get flamed for this... but im going to go ahead and stick up for this guy...

    1. We never assume its EASY to give a time-frame, it never is. HOWEVER you still can give one. I give a time-frame to the people on my server all the time.

    2. Technically not imposable to tell how much time it takes. For instance we have a road map of past updates the bukket team has done over the years and hmod before that. So we actually -do- know an average time-frame it takes to update.

    3. Same as above

    4. They CAN give an estimate, however choose not to. This way people wont get upset when they don't hit their deadline. In fact they already sorta did. "Hopefully by the end of this month" (November) which they missed.


    I tell my people on my server: 3 days to 3 weeks ON THE AVERAGE. We are at about what? 2 weeks? So give it time. They -arnt- "late" yet.

    If it goes over 3 weeks, guess what? I apologize that my estimate was off and ask they give them more time as this was a major patch.

    Not actual times, just from past experience. It would be -awesome- to know the actual times:
    Fastest update: 1 day
    Slowest update: 2-3 weeks

    Also to note: Moderators here -are- trolling people when they ask. Just answer the questions without being ___ and you will be much better off.
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    I already mentioned "rough guess" in my post.
    Consider those and rethink your post.

    And the quoted post actually implied it was easy to give an estimate.

    Also, do note you're sticking up for a guy that suggested it's okay to spam and use caps if questions go unanswered.
    Just saying.

    A bit of clarification on my terminology use.
    I stated it can't be estimated. I argue it can only be guessed.
    If all bugs were known and missing features, an estimate could be made regarding how much time it takes.
    However, if undiscovered bugs keep popping up, only a guess can be made to how many bugs are left.
    Since the team does not know how many bugs are left, they can not estimate how long it'll take.
    At best, they can guess, for which you already stated several reasons as to why they keep this to themselves.

    And then there's still the very unpredictable nature of bugs. Even if all bugs are known, an estimate could still be wildly inaccurate.
    Given the complex nature of some bugs, I'd still argue a reasonable estimate is impossible.
    The time to fix a bug can range from minutes to days.

    I hope this clears my previous post up a bit.
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    Well, how ever long it takes, it takes at this point. Since none of my members play vanilla minecraft, even after the excitement of 1.0 being released, our server has gone dead. Hopefully they get a fire under their tails when the new RB comes out and they can use the plugins on our server. Programming is a nightmare as far as I'm concerned from when I did it in college and before so you have my appreciation there. However its a real pity that we've become dependent on bukkit, and that it takes so long to get updated.
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    Its been updated for weeks, use dev builds... and if your hosts doesnt allow it... switch hosts. -_-
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    I kind of wish Mojang would stagger official server releases until Bukkit has had ~2 weeks with them. The choice operators are presented with (stability vs. keeping most your players) feels very... sub-optimal. I'm about to cave and just run a dev. build with a fresh world until the RB, when I'll bring back the existing ones. I feel now I should have done that in the first place but I don't blame anyone other than myself for that decision.

    I don't want to run a buggy/exploitable server, but I also don't want to be the last kid on the block with the new stuff. I doubt any of the "pay-for-powers" servers waited very long (but then many of them are just in it for the money). I'm not sure what everyone else's answer to this is but the general wisdom of "wait for an RB," which I've adhered to fully for the ~5 months I've been running a server, is falling apart under the attrition of time.

    Yucky :p
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    Mojang release are too fast and/or CB builds are too slow. It feels like as soon as the RB is out the new MC version appears and everyone wants to migrate to vanilla for the new features. I guess that's good for Mojang? Features > Mods, maybe I'm just running a server wrongly that the mod features aren't > Vanilla. Sucks, all around. Very happy to see Jeb say that a real Mod API is the next item on the list for Mojang. That should help CB, modders, and plugin devs all around!
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    The wait wouldn't be so bad if the major plugins devs didn't have a stated policy of not developing for non-RB bukkit releases... I can see why they do it, but still, the wait, it kills!
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    It seems Minecraft mod developers (Including Bukkit) are taking a long time to update.
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    I broke down myself and choose to run a dev build. Ran it on a test server for a few days and everything seemed to work. Got quite abit of use since everyone wanted to play with the new stuff. Been running solid for a few days. Cross your finger it stays that way till an RB comes out. Btw Im running 1550.
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    Developers won't update their plugins until a recommended build comes out (well, not many of them will).
    They prefer to have a stable build to update/work around, hence why its called a recommended build.

    They have a big update and are getting it done. Would you rather a rushed, buggy version today or a perfect one soon. If you look at the at dev-bukkit you can see they have worked night and day at getting a build promoted and they will continue to.
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    I've been running a dev build for a couple of weeks now, and I haven't had any issues with any of my plugins.

    Thanks to all involved, I'm sure it's a lot of work and uploading snapshots of the dev builds really helps get us up and running before the RB.
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    I understand all the nuances of why there hasn't been a recommended build yet, but would it kill somebody to make an official statement with some kind of timeline?
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    The official statement is, there is no timeline.
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    Yes, it would. The people here are pissing me off as much as the Aether fans did. "It'll be done when it's done" would not be an answer from any official business or company regarding their products, but the people here make it seem like that. Let's get to the damn chase. They should make an estimated timeline but remind everyone that it is subject to change. It's kind of getting a little bit annoying without any news from the Bukkit team, especially when they usually release so quickly. Is there anything about this damn version that's making it any harder?
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    ...You've never heard Blizzard or Valve on release dates, have you? They regularly use that.
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    completely agree, try to find out the official release of Dota2 or Diablo III (both currently on closed beta stage) and those games have Millions of fans waiting for the official release.

    If you Rush thing's up, many things are done in a bad way, leaving bugs behind. Let the CraftBukkit team work, submit bugs from the DevBuilds if you want to help, that's the only way to help the RB come out faster.
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    Oh yeah, Bukkit team take a lot of times for do it, but you know, Mojang have to pay them for this awesome job !

    So be patient :)
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    Running the latest dev build and realized that I cant build blocks in spawnarea but break it.
    Is it a Bug?
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    Those developers spend years building a game, so it's understandable that they don't know when they will finish. The Bukkit Team usually take a a week or two, so is it really that hard to estimate what is left?
    Also, the release dates for games are planned to market the game the best. Just because it's finished does not mean it is going to be released. Unlike Bukkit, which to the best of my knowledge, releases builds right after they are done.
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    This conversation is going in circles again.
    It's been explained a dozen of times already why they can't/won't give an estimate.

    Now stop bitching and moaning about a product you're receiving entirely for free.
    The Bukkit team doesn't owe you anything. Don't act like they do.
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    I got the impression that is will be released when most/all of the confirmed bugs are taken care of.
    You can see the remaining bugs here:

    and you can always follow them on twitter to get updates since every change is tweeted about.
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