Finding out whether an entity is an animal or a mob

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by SamusAranX, Jul 25, 2011.

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    Currently I'm doing it like this:
    if(event.getEntity() instanceof org.bukkit.entity.Chicken || event.getEntity() instanceof org.bukkit.entity.Cow || event.getEntity() instanceof org.bukkit.entity.Creeper || event.getEntity() instanceof org.bukkit.entity.Pig || event.getEntity() instanceof org.bukkit.entity.PigZombie || event.getEntity() instanceof org.bukkit.entity.Sheep || event.getEntity() instanceof org.bukkit.entity.Skeleton || event.getEntity() instanceof org.bukkit.entity.Slime || event.getEntity() instanceof org.bukkit.entity.Spider || event.getEntity() instanceof org.bukkit.entity.Squid || event.getEntity() instanceof org.bukkit.entity.Wolf || event.getEntity() instanceof org.bukkit.entity.Zombie) { //cringeworthy ^ 100
    But there's no way that this is the best method to do it. :D
    My question is: Can I replace that clusterfuck of code with org.bukkit.entity.Animals and org.bukkit.entity.Monster while retaining it's function?
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    2. if(event.getEntity() instanceof Animals || event.getEntity() instanceof Monster){
    3. //do stuff
    4. }
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    OK, thanks :)
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    Note that squids, ghasts, and slimes are not animals or monsters.
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    You could try with livingEntity and then filter out the players, to include slimes, ghast, etc..
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    if(event.getEntity() instanceof LivingEntity && !event.getEntity() instanceof Player)
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    @nisovin @Nitnelave Squids are SeaMobs or WaterMobs, I think (But I don't have Eclipse open atm, so I don't know exactly), and Ghasts and Slimes are disabled on my server anyway. :p Out of curiosity, what are Ghasts and Slimes then?

    @Taco I mainly programmed in VB.NET and a bit of C# before I started with Java, and I yet have to wrap my head around all this instanceof stuff, thanks >.>
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    The instanceof concept exists in VB.Net and C#. In C# I believe it's the "is" keyword, and in VB.Net you'd do something like "TypeOf [var] Is [type]".
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