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    Suggested name: MarketFind

    What I want: In my Market, I set a location for each item, then I can do /find <item> and it will teleport me there.

    VariableTriggers will NOT work. I just tried it and after so many lines it stops scanning.

    Please make a config to add aliases of item names.

    Ideas for commands:
    /find <item>
    /mf set <item>

    Ideas for permissions: marketfind.setitem
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    Awesome idea:
    Commands: /mfset <item> and /find <item>
    Permission: marketfinder.setitem and marketfinder.find
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    Thank you!

    EDIT: Just installed the plugin and the yaw and pitch aren't saved when making an item :0.

    Also doing just "/find" returns an error.
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    Updated it, same download link. If there is more wrong pm me.
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