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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by RROD, Apr 1, 2013.

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    I don't really want to sound like a nagging old fart but meh.
    It's a pretty appalling the rate at which plugin files are getting approved on BukkitDev.

    Yesterday I had someone bring to my attention a critical disk thrash in one of the components of my plugin. I had it resolved and uploaded in 5 minutes flat of someone posting about it. Except after that, whilst people are still downloading the dodgy build, it took another day or so before any BDev staff contacted me about something. It still remains under approval. That, now that really grinds my gears. I know there's only limited numbers of you all trying to work round the clock, I can accomodate for this. So whilst I was eagerly awaiting for this to be pushed, I was posting a link to the unapproved version (even with a note saying download at your own risk, it's unapproved) - apparently that's not allowed and you unapproved the whole project. But could you blame me when your plugin's user base could be affected by quite a critical error, that could possibly trash the SSDs of major server hosting companies? It's pretty poor.

    I'm not best pleased about this; I wish I could do something about it yet I know I can't.
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    If there's a extremely important update that fixes critical issues you can file a report, explaining the situation and asking for a instant-review.
    It's Easter, so right now there's just less people around to do reviews.
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    Approval time sucks, but basically there's not much you can do but plan for it.

    For dev support you could stand up a continuous integration server to provide dev builds. No other type of dev build provision is allowed, otherwise I'd offer dev support as gap coverage on my plugins.
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    As Lolmewn said, in this sort of situation you should send in a report and explain why you need a fast approval. Trust me, we see reports very quickly after they get put in. And as Gravity has said on another thread, please don't abuse this for things that aren't nearly as serious, like some simple logic bugs, your situation though would clearly count as a valid reason.
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    there was 1 day that approval time was within the hour.

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    Does anyone know if the file queue is different for new projects vs. updates of existing projects? Proly won't happen but seems like mature plugins should have less wait. Idk, maybe I just think this because most of my projects are over 2 years old.
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    All files are put into the same queue and handled in the order that they are submitted regardless of the project, author or anything else. This includes server and client mods.
  8. Just wondering if you check the WHOLE plugin everytime? Because at plugins like WorldEdit this would take ages. Or do you have something which tells you what classes and files were changed?
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    The whole plugin is checked, this cannot be avoided. Often another person will catch something the first person doesn't, so only checking the changes would eliminate that second set of eyes.

    Right now we are seeing in excess of 150% of our average file and project submissions. Please bear with us as we work through the backlog.
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    I doubt world-edit gets an advanced checkup tho.
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    How did this happen then?
    The files were uploaded with a 10 minute difference in between. As you can see, the file uploaded later was already reviewed and approved.
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    More than one person works on the queue at any given time, and they split up the work between them. First person grabs 10 files, then the second person grabs 10 files from lower down in the queue, causing what looks to be gaps until the queue is refreshed and they do it again. Just part of how the queue is handled.
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    All files are treated the same. Regardless of the number of downloads, the author etc.
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    Is it possible that a bukkitdev staffmember leaves a file to another staffmember due complexity? just wondering :p
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    Depending on the core competency of the person approving the file, yes.
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    Ok, thanks for the info on this. I'll take it into account in the future.
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    I do see some odd issues when it comes to the approval times.
    I check the site daily for plugin updates and I've gotten in the habbit of checking 2-3 days deep of plugins.
    Some plugins seem to not show up one day, but the next they do with a day or two of update age, so they are lucky to be given a chance to see the main page. I honestly think the Update date should go by when the update is accepted by the bukkit staff, not when the update was uploaded.
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    Yeah, my plugin have not been approved for 18 hours, but I see some that was updated 9 hours ago.

    Not to be nagging or anything.
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    New projects like yours often take a while longer to be approved. We see your project in the queue and will get to it as soon as we can. :)
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    Thanks! I would also like to say that you are all doing an awesome job with this project!
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