FightingForFun: Another Step in Minecraft Evolution

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by AussieBacom, Sep 20, 2012.

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    Hi Bukkit Community. Some people saw me back a few months ago that I have been using spout heavily to create new gameplay techniques and try and think of ways to increate the things to do in minecraft while trying to keep the gameplay relatively the same.

    During my conquest I have learnd that my goal could be enhanced by what other are doing, I have had a deep look at peopl's work with spout and now I have had fun with others testing all aspects of the Tekkit mod pack mod for Minecraft. This movement to Tekkit has sparked a few ideas and they have been brewing away in my head for some time.

    I want to go back, to 1.2 and start creating a mod pack that revolved around a single community. A mod designed for multiplayer between one client and a server that is capable of holding more content that before.

    I'm thinking of a mod pack that allows a community to create things with much more detail, precision, capability and interactivity. To do so I want to assemble the FightingForFun Development Team FDT.

    Currently to start with there is me, I plan ideas and the content to go into this mod, I'm also looking for a texture artist and another coder that understands decompiling files and how to create mods for Minecraft.

    The mod will include new blocks, crafting recipes, new game play styles, weapons, animals, re-textured game, new rendering methods, launcher and more tiny things that are worth mentioning as a whole.

    With the help of two more people I can get the project under way and further develop the FightingForFun community. If you are interested my contact details are:

    Skype: AussieBacom
    Steam: AussieBacom
    Email: [email protected]

    If you would like to see some current development ideas and place markers, that can be arranged via Spout. The full creation of this mod will be the combination of client side and server side Bukkit mods.

    I will be using latest software:
    Microsoft One Note: For Idea sharing and visual explanation and documentation.
    Art Programs, Photoshop, AI, PDN etc.
    Skype for group chat sessions and meetings.

    Thanks and I hope if you can provide any help you would consider this project.
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