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    I am seeking a plugin that fills these requirements.


    • /sourzeffa createarena <<name>>
    • /sourzeffa setspawn <<number>>
    • /ffa join <<arenaname>>
    • /ffa leave
    • /sourzeffa "Maincommand"
    1. Multiple arenas
    2. Configurable kit
    3. Save hotbar on leave, and when you enter the server in ffa you have the hotbar like you saved
    4. Reloadable configs
    5. In arena: can't break blocks, place blocks, drop items, pickup items
    6. (GUI) game join
    FFA Permissions:

    ADMIN_CREATE = "ffa.admin.create" - create an Arena
    ADMIN_DELETE = "ffa.admin.delete" - delete an Arena
    ADMIN_SETSPAWN = "ffa.admin.setspawn" - set next spawn
    ADMIN_DELSPAWN = "ffa.admin.delspawn" - delete a spawn
    ADMIN_SETINV = "ffa.admin.setinv" - set the game kit
    ADMIN_RELOAD = "ffa.admin.reload" - reload the configs
    ADMIN_ARENA_LIST = "ffa.admin.list" - list the available arenas

    USE = "ffa.use" - use the /sourzeffa command
    JOIN = "ffa.join" - join a ffa game
    LEAVE = "ffa.leave" - leave a ffa game
    HOTBAR_SAVE = "" - saves the hotbar for the game
    COMMAND_BYPASS = "ffa.ingamecmd.bypass" - bypass any command while ingame
    HOTBAR_KEEP = "ffa.keepHotbar" - keeps the hotbar saved on leave (Premium)

    EVENT_BREAK = "ffa.event.break" - allow breaking blocks while in game
    EVENT_DROP = "ffa.event.drop" - allow droping item while in game
    EVENT_PLACE = "" - allow placeing blocks while in game
    EVENT_PICKUP = "ffa.event.pickup" - allow picking up blocks while in game
    More info:
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    My server:
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    - Popdudle // Dani
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