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    Hello everyone, I've come to like the idea of starting a server completely based off of a WildTangent game, Fate.

    Fate is a game where you start out and stay in a small town called Grove. In this town there are merchants, quest givers, etc. Near the town, there is an entrance to a dungeon, which is the main focus of the game as you level your character. The dungeon has an infinite (or close to) amount of levels to it, getting harder the farther you descend.

    I would love to base a server off of this.

    The town being small, it would be very easy to make, and it won't take to long. I'd like some builders to help me.

    Here is an overhead photo of Grove.


    I would also like some plugin devs to get some plugins together if there aren't any to implement these features.

    There was an NPC plugin, I'm not to sure of the name, but it let you make merchants that when you clicked them, it opened up an inventory gui to show there wares. This would be exactly like the merchants like fate. Also, NPCs that you can give quests to give out. These can be randomly given to the questgivers and made in a config file.

    I would also like a plugin that gives you attribute points as you level, and you can carefully choose what these points are spent on to better your character. If anyone can do this, I can get together a list of the attributes.

    Strength gives you physical damage while you are wielding any weapon. The higher strength you reach, more damage will be done in battle.
    Dexterity gives you accuracy and dodge. The higher dexterity you reach, more successful hits will be done and more received hits will be avoided.
    Vitality gives you health and stamina. If your vitality is high, you can receive more damage before you die (HP) and you can run more time before you are tired (Stamina).
    Magic gives you mana and magic attack. The higher the magic you reach, more mana amount will be available for spellcasting and more damage will be done by that spells.
    In progress by Zalos.

    Spells would be really cool to have. Maybe books can drop that can be used and give you a permission to use a command for a spell, like learning the spell. These could maybe be dropped in the dungeon, and then sold by players to other players.

    About the dungeons, I think there are a few out there already, but I would like a plugin that generates random dungeons/mazes, that increase in difficulty as you descend. I don't have an example picture, but if you have ever played the Dark Cloud games, they are very similar.'

    I think lastly, people would still like to have houses, I assume. In Grove, there is a building that looks like an inn. If possible, I would like some way (portal or some sort) for players to be brought to there own instanced house. I have no idea if this is possible, but I like the idea.

    Also, I don't necessarily have a server, so if anyone wants to host us a server to build it on, that'd be cool. Or, if any host would like to sponsor us, that would be amazing.

    If you want to help with this project I'm not going to make you fill out an application or anything. Just let me know what you want to do, and prove to me that you're mature enough to take the position.


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    I'd be more than happy to code for you (and possibly build), but I'm currently tied up with finals and other things.
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    I'm willing to host for you, This sounds like a wonderful idea! My Skype is : Aeonxan

    I have experience in running several severs, and I have a 40-slot-beastnode sever that really isn't doing anything right now. If you are interested, please add me, or send me a PM. (Skype is preferable)

    Oh, And to your post, NPC-wise, how about Citizens? http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/citizens/

    Dunegon-wise, We could use : http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/dungeonbuilder/. And set the exit point to "descend" deeper into the dungeon. Also have signs to warp out if you choose to?
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    If interested, it wouldn't be too time-consuming :3

    Messaged :p
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    If you can fit my schedule, you have me 100%. I might have to try this 'Fate' game too, I've been lacking in good RPGs recently.
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    Of course, are there any up there that you are interested in trying?

    Fate is actually pretty old, but still just as amazing.
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    Leveling system. I've wanted to make a stand alone level system based on that idea, I had just not gotten around to it.
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    Leveling sounds interesting... I wouldn't mind helping with that if you want.

    Jesuitical Just wondering, what attributes were you thinking and how would they affect the player and their actions?
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    Let's see what he has in mind first. It sounds pretty simple so far.
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    I'm willing to host for you, This sounds like a wonderful idea! [​IMG]
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    Sorry guys, didn't see the replies :eek:

    The leveling should be pretty simple, get experience from monsters and quests, level up, get a few attribue points.

    As for attributes, I found this on the Fate forums:

    Snipped and added to the OP.

    Lastly, about the host, I have someone that has contacted me about it, but if you would be interested if that doesn't work out please PM me about your server.
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    Still need:

    • Builders
    • Spellbook plugin
    • Housing plugin

    Only those two things, come on guys!
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    By the way, just gonna say you spelled my name wrong :oops:
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    I am sorry! Fixed.

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