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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Hamguy, Mar 24, 2021.

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    Plugin category: Mechanics / Economy

    Minecraft version: 1.16.5

    Suggested name: Fantasy RPG Guilds

    What I want:

    The Plugin I want is a basic RPG Guild system that works with Economy.


    1. Adventure
    2. Mining
    3. Farming
    4. Fishing
    2)Guild receptionist
    An NPC you can place in an area that you talk to to receive quests, once quest complete you talk to them and receive XP, Gold or trade item for Gold. Works by placing requested items in a chest.

    a.)Fetch quests

    1. Ingredients
    2. Live animals
    3. Blocks
    4. Weapons
    5. Items

    b.)Kill Quests

    1. kill [x] [mob(s)] [coordinate(x,x)]
    3.)Rank system -Decides difficulty level of requests
    -Porcelain [Fetch quests] example mushroom, feathers...
    -copper [Day mobs / fetch quest]
    -Bronze [Day mobs / Night mobs / fetch quest]
    -Silver [Day mobs/ Night mobs / fetch quest]
    -Gold [Nether/ Day mobs/ Night mobs / fetch quest]
    -Platinum [Nether/ Day mobs/ Night mobs / fetch quest]

    Example talk to receptionist and receive kill quest, [Kill] [20] [zombie] & [5] [skeleton], each zombie you kill drops a meat or item you pick up, once you return the items to the receptionist you trade them in to complete the quest and receive the reward.
    Reward will only be given if receptionist gave you the specific quest and will not accept random meat or bone you had on hand.

    Ideas for commands:
    Admin only
    /create clerk (provides villager egg with clerk job)
    /set clerk_name [name] (sets the clerks name)
    /set chest [clerk_name] (adds chest to inventory that is tied to [clerk name])
    /set guild_dropzone [x,x] [xxx,xxx] (example creates a [3,3] grid at [111,133] where you can drop off mobs for Fetch quests, once mob enters grid, mob disappears and quest objective is complete)
    /guild rank (Displays current guild rank and xp)
    /guild quest (Displays current quest and description)
    /guild clan create [Name] (Creates a clan with a name you type)
    /guild clan (Displays current clan + members if any)
    /clan rank (If in a clan display clan rank)
    /guild clan leave (leave clan)
    /guild clan boss (clan leader menu)
    • /clan kick [name] (kick [name] from clan)
    • /clan promote [name] [clan rank] (promotes [name] to specified clan rank)
    • /clan disband (disbands clan)

    Clans provide bonus XP, clan members split xp

    clan ranks
      • Leader
      • Captain
      • Elder
      • Member
      • Novice

    When I'd like it by:
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    How are new quest added? Won't you need a command to add them manually?
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    I was thinking of a text file with basic commands that can be used to create quests.
    Quest name: [Zombie & skeleton]
    Description: [A local village has been harassed by {zombies} and {skeletons} at night, eliminate them. reward {xxx}]
    Type: [kill]
    total: {[20] [Zombies], [5][skeletons]}
    reward: {[xp],[gold],[item]}
    Quest name: [Mushroom Foraging]
    Description: [Request [25] {red mushrooms} reward {xxx}]
    Type: [Fetch]
    Rank:[Porcelain ]
    total: {[25]}
    reward: {[xp],[gold],[item]}
    Quest name: [Escaped Cow]
    Description: [Missing cow return for reward {xxx}]
    Type: [Hunt]
    total: {[1]}
    reward: {[xp],[gold],[item]}
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    Intersting. Also how would you increase your rank?
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    Lets add a command: /guild rank
    each quest you take gives you a certain XP, you level up based on a basic experience formula.

    comand:/guild rank
    Rank: [Porcelain]
    XP: [50/300]

    Quest name: [Mushroom Foraging]
    Status: Complete
    Reward: 5xp , 10 currency

    Completed Quests have a hidden cool down timer but can be done as many times as the player wish or on a random rotation. player can decide what difficulty rank quest they wish to accept.
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