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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by happyfreundeskeks, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. Hey,

    I just installed Bukkit on my private server, I installed it as described and everything should work fine.
    But when I want to spawn on my server, the world slowly builds up and I fall through the ground and die a bit later.
    The server uses 1024MB instead of the usual 512MB.

    Does someone has an idea why this happens?

    EDIT: After a while I get a "End of Stream"-Error message.

    Thx ;)
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    I'm getting the same thing. I spawn into the map and I start falling through nothingness for like a minute.

    (I'm using craftbukkit build 440)
  3. It's fixed now. I think it was because minecraft.net was down or there was a bad connection to it.
    Everything works fine now :)
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    Minecraft.net wont load for me, and when i try using the downloaded client, It gives me end of steam and other connection errors. (I'm trying to connect to my own server)
  5. Same here. Minecraft.net is pretty overloaded.
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    its happening to me RIGHT now, im getting annoyed
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    Same here! i just keep falling and dieing no mather what i do! Everything started happening after 1.3 update when the chunk generation was changed! All players that enter my server gets on a death loop and leaves after they have died multiple times. I really want this fixed since the game is pretty much unplayable atm
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    This Just happened to me!!!
    Make sure you download the essentials plugin and then do /setspawn, if it is too late generate a new map and do it right away, however you must be an admin to it is the universal spawn point. Hope This Helps
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