Solved Falling into the void.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Damimad, Aug 20, 2012.

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    So I created a new map, a 1.3 map, for my server.
    I loaded it, however, we use a plugin called my worlds, and we have multiple worlds.
    Whenever anyone goes to the 1.3 map, they fall into the void. Even if they relog, they continue to fall, and the entire server lags-- EXCEPT for the chat. The chat does not lag, only commands and chunk loading.

    I've tried removing and unloading other maps, but still, the problem persists.
    I am on the latest recommended build (this problem existed before on the dev builds, and even the first recommended build).

    Halp please. :[

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    What plugins do you have installed and have you updated the plugins to the latest versions?

    The other option is to try using multiverse instead of myworlds and see if the problem persists.
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    I've actually just tried using the world as the main world minus myworlds.
    bPermissions, LaggClear, WorldInventories, VoxelSniper, BlockHat, Vanilla, Carz, Vault, MorePhysics Piston Standalone, Mendels Sheeps, mRepair, MobBountyReloaded, MyHelpPages, IBelieveICanFly, HeroicDeath, bcVote, DisguiseCraft, OnTime, BookShelf, KonseptGate, EggCatcher, Votifier, GameModeChanger, TimTheEnchanter, Ptweaks, WorldEdit, NoCheatPlus, AntiBot, LogBlockQuestioner, Stargate, LogBlock, OKB3, WorldGuard, Jail, OddItem, SimpleAlert, Cenotaph, QuickSign, QuantumConnectors, iConomy, marriage, AdminPrivateChat, BKCommonLib, FalseBookCore, iChat, ManySmallTweaks, MobHealth, Essentials, MobRider, xpShop, SimplyVanish, NoLagg, My Worlds, FalseBookBlock, EssentialsSpawn, LWC, iChatMessages, iChatPlayerList, Factions, FactionsPlus, DuckShop

    The other worlds don't lag, and unless I load the new world, the commands never lag.
    There is only command lag (when chunks don't load in the new world).
    Only just installed nolagg/ptweaks to see if it would fix it;however, it made the problem worse. So I uninstalled them. If we wait about 30 seconds, the chunks will start loading normally, but sometimes it will crash/time out.

    Oddly enough, if I go to the world, and whilst I'm falling in the void, no one can use commands (including myself), I can ue them in console. So, I teleport my friend to me, then I teleport me to him, and once I do that, suddenly the chunks load!asdfdaasdfsadfdghfebe
    Otherwise, the chunks won't load and cause EoS(end of stream, etc).

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    What CraftBukkit are you using?
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    As the first post says:
    I am on the latest recommended build (this problem existed before on the dev builds, and even the first recommended build).
    I've disabled the following plugins to try and fix the error, to see if it was one of my plugins:
    World inventories, my worlds, nocheatplus, etc.

    I've disabled so many plugins, and nothing seems to work!!!! :[

    When the chunks FINALLY load in the 1.3 world, a big stack trace from bpermissions appears!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I posted a ticket.

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    try disbaling no chestplus

    and two why do you have essentials and about 10 plugins that essentials handles also?
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    That doesn't excaly help me, I should have asked what number build are you using.
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    You could maybe load it into MCEDIT and look for the spawn point (or even reset it).

    I would unload every non-essential (to testing) plugin and see if it persists. I can't help you with your multiworld plugin since I also use Multiverse. You might check on their plugin page or forum thread (in releases).
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    Build wouldn't really help, because the problem exists for me on multiple builds.
    Such as:
    #2340 Recommended
    #2317 Recommended

    It's actually not the spawn point, I've also tried repairing the world, (my server is on a box). I downloaded the map, and tried chunkster, tried loading it into single player, tried moving the spawn and player position. :[
    I don't know what the problem is, I'm going to load a new 1.3 map and see if it lags on that one too, it may be a problem with the map itself (Which would really suck, as I built the new spawn, town, etc in this world already. :[

    Also, the problem persists even without MyWorlds. I've tried multiverse core, and the problem still persists.
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    Its DisguiseCraft most likely for the falling into the void. My server had the same issue and it went away once we disabled it. Others have the same problem with it too.
    Also, at a quick glance, here are 2 plugins that essentials has built in (in some way or another)
    BlockHat (essentials has a /hat command)
    SimplyVanish (has /vanish but it only does that. it doesn't have any extra features for it yet)

    Random question: Don't LaggClear, NoLagg, and Ptweaks do the exact same thing? Why have all 3?
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    All new worlds that are 1.3 cause us to spawn into nothingness, thus falling into the void.
    No one dies, etc. But commands lag, and no one can do anything but chat and build;;
    Once the chunks finally load, all the commands that were performed during the lag-period are all sent in at once.

    Here is the bperms error that occurs during this. However, I have confirmed that bpermissions is not the cause. (by disabling it, etc.)
    I'm using multi-verse now by the way, and it hasn't fixed anything.

    LaggClear - Clears drops ever x minutes.-- It can also clear anything else from vehicles to paintings, and enemy/friendly mobs. (10 for us).
    Nolagg and ptweaks, I don't use these, I used them temporarily.
    BlockHat is a plugin I used before /hat was added to essentials, and I am keeping BlockHat simply for the customization and blacklisting sake.
    Nolagg and ptweaks, whilst I do not use them, and only used them to see if it could fix the falling into void problem--
    Nolagg keeps chunks loaded, buffers items, and changes the way TNT is loaded. (Delays it, etc).
    Ptweaks changes the way chunks are loaded, and prioritizes chunks players are facing.

    Also, DisguiseCraft never caused us problems, but I will try and disable it to see what happens.
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    try turning off nocheat plus as i said and it fixxed ti for me.

    and lets see essental can do,
    BlockHat, MyHelpPages, IBelieveICanFly, GameModeChanger, TimTheEnchanter, Jail, SimpleAlert, iConomy, AdminPrivateChat, iChat, SimplyVanish, iChatMessages, iChatPlayerList

    you can get rid of most of those as essentals either handles it flawlessly or it does it to some degree
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    TimTheEnchanter can change the max enchantment level for an enchantment, which is why I assume it is installed.
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    BlockHat is far more customizable, and has more permissions based on blocks, etc.
    Myhelppages, custom messages and custom pages.
    ibelieveicanfly fixes zombes fly mod teleporting you back to the ground.
    gamemodechanger adds a prefixed command that I give to my donators, /gc and /gs.
    TimTheEnchanter lets you enchant to level 127.
    Jail adds multiple jails, set cells, signs, interactive places and such.
    SimpleAlert lets you see certain commands that people use.
    iConomy is far more customizable.
    AdminPrivateChat is not included with essentials, and also has a prefixed command /a, you can also setup a prefix for the chat like [AdminChat] [StaffChat], etc.
    iChat is far more flexible, and helps in giving custom titles, text color, rank color, and even change the format of join messages, and add color to the tab list. (messages, player list, etc.)
    SimplyVanish is more flexible, and doesn't require vanishnopacket to extend it's arsenal like Essentials does.

    I can't rid of a single one.
    I've had my server for just under two years, lol.

    Anyway, that's beyond the focus of this thread, I'm trying to understand what is causing the problem.
    I have tried running without nocheatplus, and it did not fix it.
    Again, this is not for every world, it's only one world.

    Please, read how this works:
    When they go into any 1.3 world (we have one, but I've tried making others), they spawn, and no chunks are loaded.
    They can see other players, but they can not see them move.
    Commands lag, and no one can see other players' interactions.
    After a while, the lag stops when the player(s) finally can see the chunks. (They stop falling into nothingess, they do not "fall into the void"(die), they simple just fall until the chunks load.
    Once they do load, all commands, block placement, and player movement is finally updated. Usually spamming the server, and so on so fourth.

    So far, these are the plugins I've disabled alone, and even all together, yet the error still occurs:
    Konsept gate
    I also removed my-worlds and I'm using multiverse.

    oh my goodness.
    That map calculable error is with bpermissions.
    However, when I added the new map to the mirror file, it no longer lagged... what? But, it happened even when I removed bpermissions..
    Whatever, I won't argue, I'm glad it's fixed. despite the fact that it didn't make sense.
    OR not
    It looks like the bpermisisons plugin stopped starting, and after I fixed the error, it resumed.. So it must be something with bpermissions!!!!!!!!!!! :[
    Okay, so it looks like some of my groups had double fields... I don't know how, but I believe it is fixed.

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  15. I was linked to this thread last night, to keep an eye on the void issue, but since you've seemingly solved it i thought i'd comment on the other issue brought up in here.

    EssHelp, allows reading from help.txt, or help_groupname.txt allowing you to put together customised help, otherwise it builds a customised help based on user permissions.
    EssChat, allows for most of the colouring etc you listed, and can even use a completely different message style per group.
    EssChat can do tab list colouring, but its disabled by default, because tab list colouring breaks <tab> username completion.
    Ess Pre2.9.4.0, adds support for /gmc and /gms as aliases to /gm creative and /gm survival.
    EssVanish, just simply uses /vanish, nothing else. VNP is a stand alone plugin, but it supports our hidden api, meaning it can remove vanished players from /list and other places.
    We also have a /helpop command which can be used for admin chat, since only people with the right permission can see the messages, all of these can be aliased in the bukkit.yml

    That said, Ess prides itself in how easy it is to 'replace' functionality with more specialised plugins, with almost no conflict. Rest assured, if a command is not used, or functionality is disabled, Ess shouldnt bother wasting ram by loading the class files required for that feature.
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    Actually, my help pages lets me add permissions per help page, and admin chat lets admins talk to each other, only admins. (Well, people with the permission, it's a chat channel).
    SimplyVanish adds things like disallowing blocks from being picked up, mobs from seeing you, prevents you from dropping items by accident or sending messages, removes you from /list and tab, etc.
    I also prefer having gc and gs, rather than gmc/gms.

    EssChat is what I am aware of, but still does not reach the full extent of iChat's features like:
    When someone joins it will show their rank, or you can have it only show their rank if they are a mod/admin/donor. ( I have it show everyone's rank).
    It lets me customize /me messages, change the prefixes, change the style of it, and with iChatPlayerList, you can also add prefixes to show if they are in creative or if they are OP.
    For me, OP = *, creative = C.
    I can give my donor's custom titles, and have it set so only certain users have a unique rank, but are only registered to one group, or even multiple groups.
    (Professional, fast, and simple.)
    I've been using iChat for a very long time.

    I'm well aware of what essentials can and can't do. Every update I read every single line of text before downloading.
    I understand many of you are trying to help me reduce load on the server, haha.
    But either way guys, it seems the loading is fixed. It started when I edited my groups.yml, and added a new group.
    I think I may have only uploaded that file to the new world's groups/yml folder, and that is what caused it.
    Bpermissions tried to fix the parsing error, and for some reason, it put double of permissions:, Meta:, and Prefix: fields.
    I have set thread prefix to solved. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
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    The same thing with the void is happening to me
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