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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by funnyman850, Feb 1, 2014.

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    Hi so i was wondering if anyone knows if its possible/ if they could do it. I want a plugin that makes fake players on my server say things in chat as if it was them to make it seem like real people and when someone joins the game they say welcome! I dont want something like i controlu though so im just too lazy to code this so thanks =)
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    funnyman850 So like a MOTD, but with people? Please use the correct format :)
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    Jaaakee224 well somewhat but what they say should change and not seem automated. but basically yes
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    Check out Citizens plugin. I suppose this is what you want.
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    nightcrawler601 not exactly... i dont need npcs i want like random message from players that are actually not online
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    So what you want is a plugin that basically upon someone joining makes it seem as if they are welcoming the player? So, if someone joined, it would pick 2/3 random players on the server and make a random message such as "Welcome" or "Hey (username)!", etc etc?
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    plobnob basically but the random player should be a player made from the fakeplayersonline plugin
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    So not an actual online player, a player generated by the plugin?
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    plobnob yes but configurable names to choose from?
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    There is on fact a plugin that does this. TrollMe? Ill edit post with link if it isn't troll me.
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    no its not ill probably just end up making it =p
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    If you make it would it be public? This would be cool to have, Also id suggest to try to use the api from Chester

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