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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by wowzersam, Dec 1, 2013.

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    When i try to connect to my server via a different computer other than the host, i get the following error:

    Failed to connect the the server Connection refused: /(my ip):25565
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    :( I get that too, but even when I am on the host computer, Please helppp!!!
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    There are many ways this could go wrong, first off, are you using a host? Or are you using a server you got from

    If you are using your own computer with a server, you can't expect it to work a lot. Most likely it doesnt have enough 'umph' to run a server. I had a server that did the same thing, but now i have a hosted server that never gets connection errors.
    Solutions would be:
    1. Get a SUPER powerful computer
    2. Get a host (recommended)
    3. Check if you have white list enabled (if it is, this could be a huge problem)
    4. Check if you started the server up right, or restart the server.
    5. Idk, others might know.
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    Here's the thing. I have a mac and run my own server on it. I had it running for several months, but stopped it prior to minecraft 1.7.2. I had a max of 20 people on at a time, without lag issues, so i don't think i need a better computer. I don't have whitelist enabled, and i'm pretty sure i start the server up right. any ideas Ryan_2_auto? Also i made this server from scratch using bukkit and terminal commands not a server
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    5. Change your IP witch might work
    6. Remake the server.
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    Nevermind! Fixed it! But now it just says "Logging in" Forever and nothing else :/

    Wait, fixed that too! :D
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    I have 2 routers connected to the same modem. If disconnect one router, I can connect to the server no problem via any computer, however when both routers are plugged in, I get the above error. Could these 2 routers be conflicting in some way, maybe the firewall on one is blocking me out??
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    I'm a bit confused as to what your networking set up is. I have an idea of what the problem is, but I'd like some more information.

    Can you please draw out a map of your pc's, ISP modem, and routers? Doesn't have to look pretty, mspaint is fine.
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    seriosbrad I don't have a pc, I have a mac, so I can't use misprint. But I will try to tell you what my setup looks like.

    The internet is connected to the modem, which has a plug going to the internet port of my apple router. My apple router sends the internet to my Linksys router which is another wifi network. I have an ethernet plug connecting the Linksys router to my computer. Do you get the idea?

    guys i really need some help anyone have any input?
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    i would highly recommend getting a windows pc, even if its as old as Pentium 4, as long as you have enough memory to run the server, but i will try to help regardless though i know barely anything about macs. apple routers are also POC's (Pieces of Crap)

    so your Wired to the linksys which is wired to the apple router?
    Do you have any internet connection at all?
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