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    Plugin category: Utilities.

    Suggested name: FactionsEssentials

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that has the follows:

    1. Raiding alert system: If someone that is from a different faction entering another faction's base, it will send an alert to all the Faction members that are getting raided.

    Example message: (I would like that message to be customizable)
    "{Player} from {Faction} just entered your faction's base which is located in {Coords} {World}!"

    2. Item Pickups Blocker: By typing a command, you can choose if you want to block item pickups or not. If you disabled item pickups, you won't be able to pick up items from the ground until you will enable the pickups again.

    3. Rescue Command: When a player is entering another faction's land, if you are getting trapped by them, you can type a command, that will automatically send all YOUR faction members a message with the following info: The coords of the player, the name of the faction that own the land the player got trapped in, The name of the trapping faction's leader.

    I want a clickable button to be shown under the message, that when someone will click it, it will send the trapped player a message that will tell him who got his message and that he is coming to rescue.

    Example message: (I would like that message to be customizable)
    "Someone in your faction needs rescue!
    Name: {Player}
    Location: {Coords} {World}
    Trapping Faction: {TrappingFaction}
    Click this button to confirm you are coming to the rescue: [Confirm]"

    4. Base shield: I would an option, to let players get temporary shield that will protect their base from being raided for the specified amount of time they bought the shield for. I would like that when I perform a command to give the faction a temporary shield, it will give the faction leader a WorldEdit wand (Woodern axe), and with it he will be able to choose 2 positions of his base, and the will protect the area from bedrock level to sky level.
    The shield will be shown to players as a vanilla world border, that surrounds the faction base, and only the faction's players can get through this border, while players that are not from that faction cannot go thorugh it.

    I would like all messages (If there are any) to be customizable, and also would like the next variables that I will be able to use in the custom messages: {Player} {Coords} {FactionName} {FactionLeader} {TrappingFaction} {World}

    Ideas for commands:
    /fe - View the help page.
    /pickup on/off - Disable/Enable item pickups.
    /Rescue - Send a help request to all of your faction members with detailed info about your status.
    /Notif on/off - Disable/Enable the ability to get notifications from base raiding alerts.

    /Shield giveone <FactionName OR FactionLeader> <TimeInMinutes> - Give the specified faction or faction leader shield for ONE BASE for the specified time. (I would like that to be also runnable from Console).

    /Shield giveall <FactionName OR FactionLeader> <TimeInMinutes> - Give the specified faction or faction leader shield for ALL BASES OF THE FACTION for the specified time. (I would like that to be also runnable from Console. This command will also not require the wand to be given, since it will automatically protect all bases of that faction).

    /Shield remove <FactionName> - Remove all active shields for the specified faction.
    /fe reload - Reload the config file.

    Ideas for permissions:
    fe.help - Permission to view the help page.
    fe.pickup - Permission for /pickup.
    fe.rescue - Permission for /rescue.
    fe.notif - Permission for /notif.
    fe.shield.giveone - Permission for /shield giveone.
    fe.shield.giveall - Permission for /shield giveall.
    fe.shield.remove - Permission for /shield remove.
    fe.reload - Permission for /fe reload.

    NOTE: If possible, I would like that to support FactionsUUID.

    When I'd like it by: Soon as possible :) Thanks in advanced!
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    This seems pretty cool, lets see if someone can make it.
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    These are really good ideas, hope someone makes this.
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    Would this plugin be compatible with FactionsUUID or MassiveCore factions?
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    I requested it to be compatible with FactionsUUID as this is what I need. Maybe a developer that will take it will be able to make it for both versions.
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    I would love to see this for the Massivecore version too!

    Great ideas,

    Best Regards,
  7. I can look into creating this for Factions and FactionsUUID, however I can't make any promises for FactionsUUID. It might already integrate without any required additions, but I'm not sure.

    Some suggestions for changing these ideas:

    1. Instead of this triggering in any land claim, it would only trigger in land claims that have sensors in them. To make a sensor, you would simply place a sign saying [sensor]. Creating sensors would require Officer or Leader ranks in the faction, and can only be placed in claimed land. This would make it so that this warning can only be done where they want, instead of triggering at outposts, random claims, etc.
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    FactionsUUID don't have any of these features integrated in it. All these features are non-factions integrated.
    Also thanks for trying to make this! Much appreciated! Hope there will be a FactionsUUID version too :p
  9. No... I'm saying I might not need to make any code modifications for it to work.
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    For the border, there can only be one by world and people need to be inside that area, you'll need to find an alternative way.
  11. @LordOfPex
    One more thing that may need to be changed:

    4. Base shields could be exploited somewhat easily. What if one disbanded their faction and made a new one each time the shield expires? What if several players make separate factions, then make a claim surrounding a base, then have the next faction surround that box of claims, etc, then turning on shields whenever another faction's shield runs out? There should be some other method of base protection than base shields.
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    How about just disabling the ability to leave/disband the faction and also disable the create/edit (adjust)/remove options the faction's claims if the faction has a shield on? Or how about that if everyone leaves the faction or its getting disbanded the shield will be gone too? Also, each faction can have their own shield, without any connection to another factions's shields.

    If not that, Just make it so the base they are choosing won't be raidable (Aka no one can enter it, break/place any block, or even do any command [With exceptions i can do in config], unless he is a member of the faction that owns the protection.

    I prefer the first idea, But do what you can, thanks! :D
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  14. @LordOfPex I haven't started on it yet. I've been working on a request someone else made before this. Also I'm still a little unhappy with the decisions, as I can still see it being exploited easily with the shield.
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    Any update? :p
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    I do see where you're coming from.

    Maybe you could make it something like this?
    * The base gets surrounded by red glass (packets) that move with you as you walk around the claim. There's no way into the claim, you cannot "shield" your base if there are other factions nearby (or within a configurable block distance) to make surrounding someone's claim a lot harder. Maybe even an option to only allow 1 claim (or bulk of connected claims) to be "shielded" at one time. A lot of Factions servers also only allow connected claims so that could also prevent a lot of further exploitation.

    Just my thoughts, sounds like a cool plugin - good luck!
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    I actually like this idea very much!

    Just an additional thing: Only a member of the shielded faction will be able to pass through the shield, while people who are not a part of that faction won't be able to pass it no matter what. It will also not take any damage from explosions, mobs, and such.
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    Any update? :)
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