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    If you don't like reading, sorry:)
    Suggested Name:
    Factions Remastered (based off "Factions 4.0" by "LeCastlecrafter" at this post https://bukkit.org/threads/factions-4-0.380797/ )

    What I Would Like:
    Factions 4.0 takes factions to an entirely new extreme. It would be an alternative plugin and would take some time to put together, but it would completely add a whole new gamemode to minecraft servers.

    How it works:
    The faction part works just as normal. You pick out a piece of land, you add friends to your faction, you get a fun suffix or prefix, you message your friends and loot people. The core difference is it is basically that you are in a never-ending lobby of factions. The factions you create have limited life expectancy. You create a faction by placing a nexus in a vault. A vault is a room you will want to place all your valuables. It is a very small area that is protected (7*7) until the nexus is destroyed. You can place it anywhere in your town. Anyone can access the vault and place items inside but you can't take items that aren't yours. The leaders can remove items from these chests however. Then in the center of your town you have an emerald block. The emerald block is the central hub (area must be clear 5*5*5 around the nexus). The town is an area where ground blocks are protected, and you can place blocks with higher "hp". There are two reasons for this. The objective is to force players to have to attack horizontally. The hp makes walls have a legitimate purpose. Beyond this area is no mans land. The idea is to build a hold and then place farms outside the hold or keep.

    How the "Never-Ending Lobby" Works:
    Everything happens in the nexus. All faction homes are saved to the nexus, along with all other data. When the nexus is destroyed the faction is disband and everyone loses their faction specialties including homes, access to the vault, protection, messages, everything. They now have to start from square one again.

    Attacking and Defending:
    A faction is declared under attack when any player enters the region who does not belong to the faction. A message is displayed to the faction member that they are under attack. It would be cool to add perks to delay the notice time for certain players. If players decide to cheat and take advantage of the "offline defense feature" (see the notes down below on what that is) they are automatically kicked from the faction. So, if a member of the faction receives the message "you are under attack" and they suddenly decide to protect land by getting off the server, they are automatically no longer in that faction. If the top three members (who are currently online) of the faction do this the faction is disband completely. This prevents factions from having a constant way of cheap defending. There is also a timer to this to prevent people from being kicked from the faction all the time. As soon as the "siege message" (message player receives when attackers enter their faction region) is displayed to the defenders they have 10 mins to defend before they can leave the server (without being kicked from their faction). Otherwise people could sit on the edge of your protected region for hours hiding and prevent the member from being able to leave the server without being kicked from the faction. If the player absolutely has to leave within that 10 min time span they simply just have to rejoin the faction. If you are killed by a player you can not tp back to your nexus or a fellow faction member for 30 mins, just in case you decide to tp right back to your base after dying. You can create faction homes, but when you are under attack you cannot use the them. Otherwise it is incredibly unfair to attackers. If the owner of a faction is afraid of losing everything to an incoming attacker they can destroy their nexus, which in turn will activate a temporary shield in the faction area, allowing players to quickly get their things and leave the area. As soon as they cross over the shield boundary they become vulnerable to losing their things by being killed by enemy players. This is also essential to make it more fair when a low number of players are online defending against an entire faction or a majority of one. This plugin would be designed to be extremely balanced.

    The nexus is a block placed by someone with the correct permissions. The second protected area, or "the town" would essentially be 5o*50 (the center is the vault, so almost 25 block radius from the nexus) and for every 5 people who joined it would add 5 (so like 55*55). The Vault is 5*5 (almost, so a 3 block radius from the nexus). There is a minimal distance required between you and nearby bases. I'd like this to be flexible as well. If not a good number would be 150 cubic blocks.

    Offline Defense Feature-
    You can't lose your faction (but you can be killed by enemy players) when more than 60% of your faction is offline (this encourages people to work together and works to prevent cheap looting). So, if there is a ten person clan when 6 of the ten are offline the four are safe. I'd like the percentage to be flexible. I'm still deciding what is the best number. So, the offline defense feature allows you to protect your things while you can't be online to defend them.

    Siege Day-
    The server owner or ops can set a timer for how often they want the offline defense feature to not work. Base value being 604800 seconds.

    "Factions Remastered" is not an add on to "Factions." It is a completely different plugin so the maker can make whatever commands and permissions they want to. The ones below are just my personal ideas.

    Ideas for Commands:

    /f - main help menu
    /f{help} {Page} - user help page
    /f info {Team/Player} - get faction info or other faction's info
    /f list - list all factions on the server
    /f create [Name] - create a faction
    /f join [Faction] - join a faction
    /f leave - leave your faction
    /f accept - accept the most recent faction invite
    /f nexus - teleport to the faction vault
    /f tp {Player} - teleport to nearest or specific faction member
    /f sethome - set your personal faction home
    /f home - go to your personal faction home
    /f rally - teleport to faction rally location (30 min cooldown)
    /f chat {On/Off} - toggle chatting with other members
    /f check - check to see which factions have their defense down (locations are displayed)
    /f member - lists all the players in your faction
    /f mute - player does not receive faction messages unless it is a broadcast

    Faction Admin Commands
    /f invite [Player] - invite player to your faction
    /f promote [Player] - promote player to faction admin
    /f broadcast - broadcast a message to all faction members

    Faction Leader Commands/f demote [Player] - demote team admin (if owner)
    /f disband - disband the faction
    /f open - open faction to public joining
    /f remove [Player] - remove player from your faction
    /f rename [Name] - rename the faction
    /f tag [Tag] - set the faction tag
    /f setleader [Player] - set new leader for the team (if owner)
    /f setrally - set rally point for the faction (45 min cooldown)

    Ideas for Permissions:

    - faction.create (create and control a faction)
    - faction.join (join a faction)
    - faction.sethome (make your own personal home in the faction)

    When I'd Like It By:
    This is a huge plugin, I understand it will take a while.
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    This is awesome I want this made!
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    This plugin would be insanely difficult to make, and I hardly doubt that somebody would make it for you...

    Good luck, tho
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