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    Hello, I currently have a minecraft 1.8 + spigot server using factions. It's more of like a survival server with clans. I'm using factions so that people could create a faction, and not kill other members. I don't want people claiming land. I am using pex, and I was wondering if there's a way to make it so people can create a faction, but not claim land. I already tried downloading a command blocker plugin and adding /f claim to it and doing "/rg flag __global__" and blocking the commands that why, but whenever I do it, they don't have access to /f. Is there a clan / faction plugin that only has creating the faction?.

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    This is my format:
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    EDIT!!!! --

    I found a way to stop land claiming, but now everytime someone tries to do /f it says this : "You don't have permission to use factions base command"
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    If you look in the main directory of your server there’s a mStore folder. Inside you’ll find a file called factions/instance.json

    Everything you’re looking to do should be within that file

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