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    Hello, thanks for taking some of your time to come read this. I just want to know is there a faction rank plugin? Like its gonna have the more players, power, kills and land is what determines your rank in the server. It would also have perks to it like mcmmo. Its also gonna have a leveling system. The way you level up in the faction is when the faction members kill players or recruit more. There will also be a bar under their faction info showing what level they are and how much they got left. It also needs to support 1.7.10 Spigot or 1.8.

    Level 5 Faction: Shorter Time To Teleport Faction Home. (So instead of being 10s wait, it will be like 5s wait)

    Level 8 Faction: Second Faction Home (Can be different worlds, not servers)

    Level 11 Faction: Decreased Damage Taken In Your Claimed Area, (Reduced by 30% will now be reduced by 45%)

    Level 14 Faction: Increased Damage In Enemy Territory, (25% bonus damage applied)

    Level 17 Faction: Faction GUI Shop, (Supports spawners, simplecrates keys and chestcommands)

    Level 20 Faction: Faction Kit (The leader of faction has to pay for this and they then keep it for the faction)

    If you need more imformation on this plugin leave a comment and i will get back to you.
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