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    Hi everyone!!! I had an awesome idea for my minecraft server, a kingdom faction server. I'm very new to plugins but I'm experienced with commands/command blocks (The whole permissions thing confuses me though). Please give me feedback and explain what plugins to get, how to use them, and just how to set them up to run the things I want them to.

    The objective of Game & Claiming land

    The objective the game would be to claim land and have the highest percentage of land owned by you (This percentage could be displayed on a scoreboard maybe?). When you join the server for the first time, you spawn with a beacon in your inventory. When you place this beacon (must be in un-claimed land) you will inherit a section of land, centered around the beacon you placed. This will be your main beacon/main claimed land. To claim extra land you need more beacons,

    Claimed Land

    If you are in claimed land you will always be in survival mode (whether or not it is your land you are in) and will be able to access chests enchantment tables etc. If your walking around in un-claimed land you will be in adventure mode/unable to break any blocks. The reason for this is to again, encourage players to raid other players land to gain resources.

    Raiding & Defense

    As I said before, players would be able to enter other players land on survival. I was thinking, that to steal land, you would need to destroy the beacon on another players land. From there you bring back the beacon to your empire/land mass and add it to the outskirts to increase your land percentage. By destroying someone's beacon you would also be awarded with a second. The reason behind this would be to make sure the claimed land inside the world would constantly be growing.

    I had a couple of ideas for defense, cheap obsidian to build up around beacons and varies traps like in Bedwars. I also had an idea of things like turrets and soldiers that you could place as defend to attack players that enter your empire.

    You would not be able to destroy a player's main beacon.

    This is a very complicated and confusing idea - though I do like the sound of it and would love to see it come true on my already installed-server.


    I have learned a bit of python and html. I have also taught my self scratch (an online visual programming language based off python). If there aren't really plugins that do the sought of thing I want to, I believe I could learn Java to create plugins that I could use for this sought of thing.

    If you guys have any ideas, resources or thoughts to do with this topic - please reply.
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