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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by stfupls, May 2, 2013.

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    If I start a Faction Server do all players have automatic the default Faction permissions? Or do I have to give all the permissions to create a Faction, sethome etc per group?
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    • factions.kit.fullplayer (granted by default) – Can also create new factions.
    factions.kit.halfplayer, factions.create
    • factions.kit.halfplayer – Can do all but create factions.
    factions.admin, factions.autoclaim, factions.chat, factions.claim, factions.deinvite, factions.description, factions.disband, factions.help, factions.home, factions.invite, factions.join, factions.kick, factions.leave, factions.list, factions.map, factions.mod, factions.money.kit.standard, factions.noboom, factions.open, factions.owner, factions.ownerlist, factions.power, factions.power.any, factions.relation, factions.sethome, factions.show, factions.tag, factions.title, factions.version, factions.unclaim, factions.unclaimall

    This is the default given permissions
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    Thanks but this was not really my question.. My question is when I got the plugin installed do all the people get automatic the permissions? Or do I need to GIVE them the permissions?
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    So you give the ranks the permission ''faction.kit.fullplayer'' and they are able to make factions claim land etc?? like a faction server.

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    Fine, here's the explanation >
    Faction.kit.fullplayer ( which is default given permissions, you don't have to give any of the players this permission unless you change default: true -> default: false)

    Facstion.kit.fullplayer inherit factions.kit.halfplayer with factions.create

    Conclusion : Every newly joined players will automatically grants the permissions to create/manage a faction....
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    Thanks! You're helpful please check my other threads about faction control/wither, please!
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    and were do you put this ?
    do i just copy/paste it into my permissions file without anything extra ?
    (i want all my players to be able to create factions)
    sorry for my noobischnes
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    do you mean the factions.kit.fullplayer thing? That is a permission node that belongs in a group.
    if you need to learn how to set that up try my permissionsex or group manager tutorial linked in my signature.
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    Ok basically I want to be able to make my factions only work in Survival and people can only claim and power and stuff in the Survival World only. But I tryed changing the instance.json file but when I do it just makes factions not work anymore!

    file: Server/mstore/factions_mconf/instance.json
      "worldsNoClaiming": [
      "worldsNoPowerLoss": [
    how do I do this?

    Also for permissions ex:
        - -factions.*
        - -factions.claim
        - -factions.autoclaim
        - -factions.power
        - -factions.power.any
        - -factions.kit.fullplayer
        suffix: '&f'
            - factions.claim
            - factions.autoclaim
            - factions.power
            - factions.power.any
            - factions.kit.fullplayer
    Would that work?
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    Ok i have the selution go to the plugin right click it "Open with" "windrar" than go to plugin.yml and it has all the permissions but they have a true or false just cop the Example.expample and simply put a dash in front of it in your permission file then your done for example here is my permissions file:
    default: true
    - factions.autoclaim
    - factions.admin
    - factions.access.view
    - factions.access.player
    - factions.access
    - -bukkit.command.kill
    - g:groupmanager_default
    - g:bukkit_default
    - g:essentials_default
    - g:towny_default
    prefix: '&e[Default'
    build: false
    suffix: ''

    Here is inside the factions file:
    factions.access: true
    factions.access.faction: true
    factions.access.player: true
    factions.access.view: true
    factions.admin: true
    factions.autoclaim: true
    simple just change this: factions.autoclaim: true To: - factions.autoclaim

    and also default/ranked players normaly get most permissions BUT they cant do /f claim for some reason?!?

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  12. What version factions actually uses permissions? Any?
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    I'm running Factons 1.8 it uses permissions
    What permissions are players in faction supposed to have?
    and i need the NODES by the way this is my first time some kind of confused
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