Problem/Bug Ezrankslite problem - owner not helping.

Discussion in 'General Help' started by mattonfire, Jun 6, 2015.

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    Hi, I run the server on my PC and the plugins run fine but once I upload it to my hosted server and the plugins mess up. I look in the logs and it says that the rank 'B' doesn't exist when obviously it does since it worked before and if I do the command manually it also works...

    Here are the configs.
    Rankup.yml - ""

    Groups.yml - ""

    PS. I am using group manager.
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    Fine-on-mine but not-on-there suggests that either
    1) You haven't got the exact same versions of each plugin/server on the hosted server system as you do on your home test-server (and assuming that on your home test server, it does run the plugin to switch to B is part of your 'runs fine' testing)

    2) You have a perfect copy of all the plugins and server build version, but, the java version on the host is a lower version than your test server, and one of the plugins you have was compiled to run on a higher java version such as what you have on your test server, and not on the host server -- this is manefested as an "unsupported major.minor version #.#" error in your log for a plugin.

    3) Your files may have been saved in an encoding format that once uploaded to the host server, are interpreted as having extra control characters in them , and it is trying to promote to "<invisiblecharacter>B" rank for example.

    Look at your entire logs/latest.log file on your test server for a complete start up, and compare it to the one on your host server - do you see the same things, or do you see blobs of error text and warnings appear on the host that are not on your test server
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    Okay, I found something interesting there is no log except that rank B doesn't exist. I do the same command ingame - done! fine, then I do it in console and it comes up with the same error in what happens with the plugin.

    Conclusion; I can type the command manually in game but not though console or plugin. I have no idea why, also on a different subject when I use Votifier with Ezrankslite Ezranks sidebar stops working (but there is a error message for that).
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    I would like to see what the log says when it says "rank B doesn't exist" - i would like to see what the server is processing when it is in game, and what it is processing when done on the console..

    But if you are trying a "rank ME up to rank B" command via the console, it SHOULD fail - though the error message should be more intuitive rather than failing down a chain later, since there is no way for a console to be given permissions, to switch ranks...
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    I fixed it, I wasn't specifying what world to place their rank into as I have 2 that and the plot world. Although the sidebar still isn't working with votifier for some really odd reason. Tell me if you would like to see that error.
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    open a new question for that problem to get other people to look at it
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