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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by XexCruz, May 8, 2015.

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    I am needing help before I can launch up my server.
    I have the plugins ( Group Manager, EzRanksLite )
    The problem is how am I going to get my ogriginal rank to still be able to rank up if they buy a ( Donor rank )
    I still want them to be able to rank up and get there donor permission's.
    I also want them to still have the rank Prefix and there Donor Suffix and the permission's for both of them.
    So if someone could please help me out with this it would mean a lot.
    ~Thanks everyone have a amazing Friday :)

    Could someone please help me with this it would mean a lot :'(

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    @XexCruz You can add a group to a player as a subgroup. They will still be in their main group (the one they rank up through) however will inherit the donor group. You can achieve this by adding the donor group to them with the command /manuaddsub <user> <group>. This will however not give them the prefix/suffix. To do this you must use the command /manuaddv <user> prefix <prefix> (or you can do suffix instead of prefix, it's the same idea). If you're using Buycraft or another donation site that allows you to run commands when someone donates, you can add those commands.
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    When I did the command /manuaddv <user> suffix <suffixname>
    It worked but there name is like this now Prefix NameSuffix the suffix is not spaced so its there name and the suffix :/
    Do you know what I can do to fix that other then having to always go in the config for group manager and not having to space it out everytime?> Please let me know and thanks for this.
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    Yep, do "&r [suffix]".

    Basically, you add the &r and then a space infront of whatever you want your suffix to be :)
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