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additional register to create ticket

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    I find it totally Stupid that everyone has their own ticket system may use
    you have to Aerosoft to create a ticket partially entering once again.

    could it be that ticket systems limitations may only be used by github or by Bukkit itself.

    Affilinet left etc o.k. But External ticket systems really stupid

    I'm from Germany and translated with Google Sorry

    ich finde es total Bescheuert dass jeder sein eigenes Ticket system benutzen darf,
    man muss sich teilweise nocheinmal anmelden um ein Ticket zu erstellen zukönnen.

    könnte es Beschränkt werden dass Ticket Systeme nur von github oder von Bukkit selbst genutzt werden dürfen.

    Affilinet links etc O.K. , aber Externe Ticket-Systeme echt doof

    ich komme aus deutschland und übersetzte mit Google Sorry
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    For "normal" english speaker:
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    You also need a login for github. How is that different than other ticket systems? Usually people who submit tickets are not programmers.

    Sie müssen auch ein Login für github. Wie ist das anders als andere Ticket-Systeme? In der Regel Menschen, die Tickets vorzulegen sind keine Programmierer.
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    You have to log in to create a ticket on BukkitDev as well.
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    True, but it seems like more people will have a DBO account rather than a GitHub account.

    In my opinion, it should still be changeable to whatever, but maybe have a (recommended) option
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    The idea of the login to submit a ticket is to stop people developing spam bots to mass spam them. This is just a system put in place to save allot of work on the side of the people that deal with tickets.
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