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    Looking for a 1.2 build:

    The basic idea behind this requested plugin is that there are two types of nether portal:

    A control obsidian portal (That has a sign underneath it with the location in which it will lead in the over-world, can only be created in the nether)

    A temporary obsidian portal (Is created at the control obsidian portal sign's x,y,z coordinates. When the player goes into the control obsidian portal, a temporary obsidian portal will be created, and will be deleted when the player who linked to it originally from the nether goes back through it to the control obsidian portal.

    For example, a sign is placed bellow the nether portal with the x,y,z coordinates of the over-world location. When the player steps through the portal, an obsidian portal will generate at those coordinates in the over-world. The obsidian portal will delete itself when the player who created it from the nether goes back into it (linking back to the control nether portal)

    I would like it to be command free, besides the x,y,z on the sign. If a world_name option on the sign could be included, that would be good too allowing temporary portals to be created on other worlds besides the nether.

    I don't need any permissions support, except that only the person who linked to the created temp-portal can delete it by linking out. Others can still travel with it, but the temp-portal will not be deleted. I would like it to override blocks in the temp-portals way when being created if possible.

    I am willing to pay a fee for this plugin if necessary :)

    A shoddy picture of how it could work is attached, but as you can tell I am no artist....

    Please reply if you would be able to do this plugin,

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    A definable block id for creation would be good, such as a diamond block or it could be too easy for players too manipulate.

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