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    Right now wolves are pretty useless, yet I don't see too many plugins trying to make them more useful or interesting. I have a couple of features in mind based off of the Wolves Extended SSP mod. See http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1032&t=262441&sid=4a49c48ca41491fef2c47ff871101446

    I would like to know if any developers would up to taking this on as a project. My friend and I have come up with this outline of what the plugin would achieve. If someone would like to develop this into a plugin, we would love to brainstorm the possibilities with you.

    Wolf Backpack
    • Wolves can act as a mobile inventory unit.
    eg: (“ALT + RIGHT CLICK” on Dog to open the same inventory screen as seen in a chest.)

    Dog Naming
    • Wolves can be named and have their names floating above their heads.
    eg: (In chat menu, write “/dog1name fido”, “/dog2name ralph”, “/dog3name jimmy”, Etc)

    Dog Limits
    • The dog naming feature, mentioned above, would need a cap on how many dogs you could tame to make it less confusing (possibly).
    eg: (4 or 5 dogs?)

    Dog Whistle
    • This could be combined with the ability to call specific wolves to your current location on the map, or to send them back to your world or bed spawn.
    eg: (In chat menu, write “/dogwhistle fido” and fido would warp to your current location. In chat menu write “/dogwhistle fido home” dog would go to spawn or last slept in bed.)
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    I think there's some plugin called mywolf that has a couple of these things in it.

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