Extended Reach plugin [All the ones already are outdated!]

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    Here to ask of a massive favour if anyone could code me a plugin.
    What I would like the plugin to do is extend the reach of your arm punch and place block. I got this plugin idea from the famous Client Mod 'SinglePlayerCommands'. On single player commands you can extend the reach of what you can build. So at the moment you can interact with a block that is 3 blocks roughly away from you. I would like this plugin to make that 3 to something like 30!

    All the plugins that are already out there for this need are outdated!

    I don't want any permissions but 1 command. And that command would activate the extended reach feature.

    Normal player: Has typed not typed the command: Has a block reach of 3.

    Plugin Player: Has typed the command: Has a block reach of 30.

    Example command: /extend

    If you are willing to make this plugin then feel free to edit anything i have said to make it easier for you. I don't want this a 2 hour job! Just a 30 minute job max! I don't want much!
  2. I pretty sure this is impossible.I don't know for sure.
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    I think it is.
  4. Sushi will it work if you make a SMP mod instead plugin will it be impossible still?
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    Why would it be impossible? What is the impossible part. If i know then i will be able to go around the impossible part.
  6. The impossible part is that plugin's doesn't modify the Minecraft.exe it just modify's your server
    I think i'm not for sure
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    I know. A plugin is basicly a addon to a server. But why would this plugin be impossible.
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    Because Craftbukkit cant mod the minecraft client. Your idea is client side based and has nothing really to do with the server side. There are hacks there that use this to cheat. The only thing you can make is a mod for the minecraft client that allows that.

    If you use Craftbukkit without a NoCheat Plugin like: NoCheat, NoCheatPlus, AntiCheat then you can just mod your minecraft.jar and do that on the server.

    Craftbukkit cant send files to a client, so no costum blocks,mobs or hardcoded client stuff like block break reach and stuff.
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    But why is there already plugins out there for it. Its just that there outdated
  10. Can i see the post of the plugin? Or the Thread?
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    Or MagicSpells which can give you extended reach spell. This is possible.
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    What is the spell called?
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    Just keep right clicking =P
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    But these plugins aren't directly extending your reach. They use a brush replacer. Are you okay with that?
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    The only way I can think of to do this would be to just extrapolate where the user WOULD be clicking based on the pitch and yaw of the player's current location at time of click. One you've got your direction, just check each block along that path until you either hit something besides air/water, in which case you do whatever it is you're doing, or it reaches an arbitrarily set max distance, in which case you just return.
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    easy, /extend activates on-right-click-with-block-hand add block-to-block-at oppisite of player-direction.
    not impossible.... worldedit did it, imma go talk to sk89 now...
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    This plugin doesn't work.........I can do the commands but it doesn't actually increase my reach.

    This plugin doesn't work.........I can do the commands but it doesn't actually increase my reach.

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    To make the original method of block destruction with out the selection is not possible. This plugin will allow you to break blocks at a distance. Under the same means however the automatic swing will not work and the blocks break instantly but drop the item as if you have broke it with the item in hand. This works just fine for me. Other than that. I would try maybe the suggesting this on the spout forums or having someone modify the client mod to send a packet with the action to the server and use bukkit to start the damage event. This was 5 min job anyway. But it does what you described.
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    Ok. Thanks

    Thanks. I will test it now

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    I just finished a Reach plugin to accomplish this. I got spoiled with the reach command in single player commands and I'm only interested in using it for a large scale creative build project. I've only had minecraft a couple weeks but I dug online and was able to figure out how to build a craftbukkit server and write a plugin with a reach command. This didn't get the job done. I was already able to do long range building using lrbuild in WorldEdit but I didn't like that option because the block doesn't highlight and I don't think that plugin allows setting a distance. So next I figured out how to rebuild the client and I modified it to catch the /reach command and set the reach distance. I only allowed it to be changed if in creative mode.
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    you sir, need to upload this
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