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  1. Can anyone make me a plugin? Where you can enchant your pickaxe with explosion and when you mine, it explodes the blocks near it. The higher the enchant. The more blocks it will destroy. Supports World guard and can put it in kits for essentials. Can set in the config for every 1 enchant level of explosion, It would reach a certain amount of block radius. Just a few ideas and you can improvise if you want :)
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    Will this be a true enchantment or a Lore that is on the pick?
  3. TheGoldBacon Either, but if It is a lore. Can it be cusomisable e.g. the colours so it at least looks like an enchantment. But i'd preferably want an actual enchant.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    I believe that actual enchantments also require client side changes. Could be wrong about this though, if somebody wants to prove me wrong: please do so but please also post prove.
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    you can put the shiny thing with protocol lib and just put the enchantment in the lore to make it look like an enchantment
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    15987632 Or you could use EnchantmentApi.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    But that won't make it have the same text as a regular enchant right? I know that the glow is possible.
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    timtower i think it would it just gray
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