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  1. What it would do:

    Basically this would protect an area from explosions unless the defense is destroyed (the defense itself is outside of the protected area nearby and can be blown up). Ideally there would be permissions and a restriction for the size or an extra cost for larger sizes. The defenses could be defined via a command and right-clicking a specific block, then setting the first and second position for the protection (must be away from the structure).

    Why I think this plugin could be interesting / why I think its important:

    Factions right now, on a lot of servers, due to the availability of obsidian, TNT, spawners, etc., has really no strategy at all, and its getting kind of monotonous. A plugin like this could make Faction betrayal harder (can't explode stuff from the inside without removing the protection), and would break the monotony, as farms, houses, castles, etc. can be built without the fear of someone creeper-ing/TNT-ing them easily, and the focus of Factions won't be on the boring job of building walls. It would also add key strategic points that must be destroyed/defended in raids or raid defense.
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    Just to clarify:
    You want a plugin that lets users with permission ("explosiondefense.region.create") create regions that aren't affected by tnt
    You want creating these regions to have a price based on the size
    You want these regions to be deleted when a block is destroyed
    Q:How is this block determined?

    Please respond ASAP, I'd love to start on this plugin
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    nice idea , i this plugin has got a lot of potential and mybe you should adsome other features for make this plugin usefull also for other owners

  4. Well, thanks for your enthusiasm :p

    Really how the block is determined is up to you- but it should be determined by players beforehand. One idea is they have to set the region's corners first, then use a command, and right click the block within a short period.

    The prices could probably be determined by the configuration via a formula based on the horizontal area covered (I think it should cover all of the Y).

    It might be useful if the regions can overlap (so enemies have to attack multiple layers to get at the base, starting from the outside).

    As for the permission nodes, I don't really mind. Personally I'm going to let them have all the basic permissions on my server, its just good practice to add permissions if you plan on uploading it to bukkit (if you have a BukkitDev account). The name is completely up to you- the title was just meant to show what it was about.

    I really hope the plugin goes well for you- I think it has the potential to revolutionize and improve Factions for all the servers that use it.
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    Awesome, thanks for replying (and frankly, being active at all). I'm working on a few other plugins right now, I'll start this later
  6. Alright, thanks man.
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    Okay done with the other plugins, I'll start working on this now
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    This sounds brilliant - I am also tired of this massive decline in server variation, with the vast majority of servers using the same few plugins (especially factions!). If you could pull this off, I would love to add this to my server.

    I have thought of some ideas that this plugin could maybe use to replace factions entirely. I am not sure of this is what the OP intended/is looking for, but I just thought I would throw out some ideas from my perspective:

    The owner of a protected area could add players to their region. To keep with the OP's idea against backstabbing, the added players could only have access to use things in the region, e.g. chests, furnaces. Reason: To replace factions entirely.

    Regions are protected from any griefing, rather than just explosions. Reason: Being able to just mine your way in defeats the point of the region.

    The area could be protected from griefing until someone from the base is killed. When someone added to the region is killed, it could activate a period where the base is vulnerable to attack. Reason: Although I like your defences idea, I can see it being abused easily as someone could hide the block deep underground or far from the base. This also protects bases which can't be defended, e.g. when players are offline.

    An item to set the two points of a region. Could be customisable, with a different name or lore. Reason: More user friendly, can be distributed easily by the server owner.

    A notification to the player when walking in/out of a region. Could include the region and the owner's name. Either through chat or the new titles. Reason: More user friendly.

    Commands needed:

    /ed create <name> - Creates a region with the given name if the player has enough money and has set 2 points.
    /ed add <player> <region> - Adds the specified player to a given region.
    /ed remove <player> <region> - Removes the specified player from a given region.
    /ed delete <region> - Deletes the given region. Could be refunded a fraction of the buy price.

    Wow, that was a long post. Sorry if it looks like I'm trying to take over this, I was just giving some suggestions if you wanted a true factions replacement. If you want I can move this to its own thread >.>
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    Great ideas ketchupcoke, once I'm done with the OP's plugin, I'll make a copy and start yours

    Question for the OP:
    I don't quite understand the defense block or the block that gets blown up to make the region breakable
    I'm afraid that the player will just make this some random block underground, or super far away, what restrictions would this block have?

    no problem, I'm sure the OP is more geared towards the betterment of factions, than the need to take credit for it

    Ooh ooh! Idea! I think I'll make it so when somebody trays breaking in the base, it tells them where the defense block is (coords)

    I'm going to halt work on this project, heres the source and latest build if anybody else wants to take this up

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/98701257/bukkit plugins/Explosion Defense.zip
    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/98701257/bukkit plugins/explosiondefense.jar
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  10. Thank you for your work on the project, but I want this to be on Bukkit as well. You are right that my goal for it was to improve factions. I thought it would be fun to do myself, but I thought it might have been a daunting task for my current code knowledge. I had the block coordinate idea too, I just didn't want to take the creativity away from your task :) Ideally the block must be aboveground, but then again it's a pain in the butt testing for that and you've already halted work. Its just that without a support block outside the region, there is really no raiding allowed. Also the idea was that it is a specific block type (diamond block, enchantment table, etc.) set in the config.

    I'd like to know what the restrictions are for everything so I can make a tutorial room on my server for my players. Also, is this compatible with ObsidianDestroyer?

    If you aren't going to post this on Bukkit, I request permission to post it giving you credit for everything you did and the ideas you came up with. I would add some things of my own over time (configuration, more options), since you say you've halted work, unless you wish to pick it up again.

    Edit: Seems to be a bug where owners aren't defined properly, and the /rg list isn't working. Also the regions aren't saved to a file, so really players need to re-define everything every time the plugin is disabled. (That was one of the coding parts that I also found daunting) Also it'd be nice if other support blocks could be inside a region (so long as it isn't the region's own support block).

    No no! Ideas are great. I specifically left out everything except for the core basics so that others could put in their ideas! As for replacing Factions... Factions isn't whats bad... its how the community handles it. Running this alongside would basically give Factions a new whole version (like factions 2.0 or 3.0), because of how much change a simple plugin would add to it.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    You are not allowed to upload plugins that aren't yours.
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    "You must either be the original author or have express permission from the original author to upload a bukkit plugin.
    If you are not the author and you don't have express permission we WILL REMOVE YOUR BUKKIT PLUGIN. It is that simple.
    If you have any questions or concerns please create a ticket."
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @lubbs31 I believe that the enforced rules are a bit different on that front.
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    Oh lol, he has my permission

    *a little recognition wouldnt hurt :p*
  15. Actually, I have seen many plugins where the original developer no longer works on it, and they got permission to pick it up, and stated the credit needed for the original developer.

    I am not violating a single rule by what I said, and thus there is no need for your comment:

    "If you aren't going to post this on Bukkit, I request permission to post it giving you credit for everything you did and the ideas you came up with. I would add some things of my own over time (configuration, more options), since you say you've halted work, unless you wish to pick it up again."
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    Well the reason I dislike factions is if you look at its in-game text and help pages there are so many grammatical mistakes, and it offers very little support for chat configuration. That on top of the fact I see it on every other server basically made me want a factions alternative, rather than supplement.

    I just saw this plugin request and thought it could easily replace factions with just a few extra features, so would you mind if I try and take this down another route from the original idea?
  17. My goal is to improve all factions or similar servers. In order for that to work, I need to make it work with or without every plugin, not have dependencies. I see much opportunity in your idea, however, and think you have very good suggestions. Thus I will add extra features that can hook into your plugin when you make it, if you tell me how it works and what the features are (I would also need areas where the plugin could hook in). I would like to keep in touch and maybe work together, as we seem to have the same goal: Fix the game mode that so many servers are using.
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    I have made a plugin request for my take on the plugin, as although I can (just about) code Java I am not experienced enough to take on a larger project such as this (like you mentioned, saving region data to a file, accessing it etc as well as configuration seems quite daunting to me!) however I would gladly work with you to achieve our goal.

    Tommorow I will start some research into the parts of Bukkit needed to make a plugin like this, as well as brush up on my general Java knowledge.

    As for dependencies, all I believe would be needed is Vault (for economy) and perhaps WorldEdit if it makes region defining and storing easier.
  19. I actually made the plugin simpler. I originally had a much more complex idea, and thats why I was confused about it. The regions I understand now- all we need is to make a TreeMap (including the region ID, owner, bounds, support block, and faction/team/whatever allowed in it if we're supporting that). And I'm not experience at code either, but I believe with persistence and research, the project is feasible.

    If you need any help with brushing up on Java... I can show you some of the plugins iv'e made (not to copy) for examples

    Edit: He actually made a way to store it in the Region class. Useful. :3
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