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    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Suggested name: ExpGainHolo

    What I want: I like to request a plugin that would use Holographic Displays to show an exp gained holo where animals/monsters are slain and any block that gives experiences when mined. (example: coal) This plugin would also automatically add the experience dropped to the player (killer/miner) and remove the experience orb dropped. Thank you for reading.

    Also, toggle to set which event would use the expholo. if set to false. it would behave normally.

    A chat message with lowest priority would show to player as well.

    time: 50 (ticks) or 2.5 seconds.
    animals: true
    monsters: true
    blocks: true
    holo_msg: "&b{player} &eEXP: &6{exp}"
    chat_msg: "&cYou gain experience!!"

    Holographic Displays

    Ideas for commands: None

    Ideas for permissions: None

    When I'd like it by: As soon as you can, please!
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    So you want a plugin where instead of players dropping exp they drop a hologram and when people walk into this hologram they pick up the exp?
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    not quite as you described.

    when a player kills a zombie, it would drop a hologram with Playername Exp: 5 where the entity is slain. there is no needs for player to walk into this hologram and the experience orb that normally dropped is removed and that experience amount is automatic added to the killer.

    I would add a how long this hologram would last and it would be removed automatic after a set time.
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    So like when a player kills a zombie the player who kills them auto gets exp and a hologram with the amount they gained is dropped? Should this apply to all mobs? Players?
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    It should apply to all

    animals: true
    monsters: true
    blocks: true

    Toggle option to turn off/on
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    Mk so.
    If I kill a player/mob or I mine an ore, Instead of the exp dropping, I get it automatically, and a hologram spawns temporarily with the my ign and the amount of exp I got?

    Config should be like this?
    #Time to live: How long will the hologram be there before despawning? (In ticks)
    TTL: 50
    #Animals: Should killing animals use HoloEXP?
    Animals: true
    #Monsters: Should killing monsters use HoloEXP?
    Monsters: true
    #Players: Should killing players use HoloEXP?
    Players: true
    #Blocks: Should mining blocks use HoloEXP?
    Blocks: true
    #Message to send player in chat
    CHAT-MSG: "&cYou got experience!!"
    #Message to be shown on hologram
    HOLO-MSG: "&b{player} &eEXP: &6{exp}"
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    Is this the sort of this your after?

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    Hard to tell but it looks like it.
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    Click on the images and it gets big...
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