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  1. Hi,

    I am requesting a plugin that overrides the normal Minecraft experience bar to instead reward custom experience levels to the player upon killing another player in PvP, or killing mobs (optional)


    The XP bar needs to be COMPLETELY recoded to be an MMO-type bar for gaining levels (apart from mcMMO, I do NOT want this to be centered around mcMMO).

    Killing a mob will give you around 0.1-0.5 XP, and killing a player will reward you around 2 XP.

    I want the option to be able to set a custom number of levels the bar can be capped at (I.E. 100 XP Levels)

    Mob/player kills will add XP to the bar, and again, I wish to COMPLETELY override the standard Minecraft XP path altogether (if this is possible in the Bukkit API). I also want the plugin to be configured so the XP can only go forwards, meaning that if a player is killed or attempts to use the XP on enchanting an item, they can't.

    I want players to be sent messages through the chat when a player/mob is killed.



    I also wish to integrate this plugin with EssentialsChat, or just a generic prefix before the player in chat. This should be configurable in the config. For example:

    A Player with 1 Level:


    For logging, I just want the data to be stored in the plugin folder, unless you want to set up a MySQL option.

    That's basically all I want. You could probably take the code from mcMMO and dumb it down a lot, just because I want this to be a small plugin separate from mcMMO. I don't care about Acrobatics and Swords skills, this will mainly be used on a server that doesn't need to be that complicated.

    Thanks and please respond if you are interesting in helping me and the entire Bukkit community!
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    Mathias Eklund

    I could do this. But how do you want it to behave?
  4. Yeah, it's called using crappy image hosting lol. It was fine when I posted it.

    I want to implement a kill listener for players in one class, and a listener for mobs in another. Use the method


    Execute the following events when the listener has detected the player killed the mob/player.

    player.sendMessage(ChatColor.RED + "You earned 2 points for killing the player" + sender.getName <-----made up don't use)

    The listener class should implement the standard event for players when they kill mobs and other players, meaning you could probably get that easily.

    The hard part would be finding a way to implement the EXP BAR to override the standard Minecraft use and use it to log the experience points earned in the plugin.

    As far as logging, you shouldn't have to add MySQL support, just find a way to save the data within the plugin file.

    Note: I would help contribute to this plugin but I am very new in Java programming and I don't believe I would do a sufficient job.

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    Mathias Eklund

    Thats not häwhat i meant with behave. But i am working on a project at the moment. Which will use levels. So i'll get back to you.
  6. Ok, what do you mean by levels? The EXP bar level event API, or the logging of user-gained levels?
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    Sorry I know this post is old and I am bumping it but I will like to know if this is still getting made or is it already made. This will work great with one of my servers that I have been working on.
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    It's not unfortunately, anyone is up to take it.

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