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    So I have been looking at these guys (http://exodushosting.net/minecraft.php) and I was wondering if anyone knew much about them?

    I conteacted them with presales questions here is what I got.
    It was a message on MinecraftForums they reasponded in under 5min. I sent the message to two of the people working there in one conversation.
    Hello, I have a server that I was thinking about switching over to your guys' host. First question do you think the 3gb server would handle these plugins with around 30 people online at once?

    My other question is ports. I will be getting the dedicated IP (default port) will anyone else be using that same IP on a different Port. Also I'm going to need lots of port opened up [​IMG] (DynMap, Votifier, etc, etc.)

    My 3rd Question! Can I get remote toolkit and spacebukkit set up with you guys? I would have spacebukkit on a separate webhost.
    1) Yes, I believe 3GB should be able to do that, but you might be safer ordering a 4GB server. No rush, you can always upgrade later if you need more power.

    2) You can order a dedicated IP with us, and all ports for those should be open already for you.

    3) Unfortunately I don't believe spacebukkit will work, as we already have Multicraft running your server. You are more than welcome to test this out however.

    What Chris said. However, I will add that we do not support Spacebukkit or RT, however, we use Multicraft which we find to be more powerful and smooth. I'd personally recommend 3.5GB or 4GB for you, however, you can always upgrade.


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    It costs an extra $2 just to get port 25565 and $8 to have them install a plugin for you?
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    That's a bit ridiculous if you ask me.
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    Beastnode or fragnet and never ever ever ever go to redstone host
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    I'm with fragnet & redstonehost and have no issues with any, I suppose you are saying redstonehost are bad because you cant run a server probably
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    If you know how to I would reccomend a VPS, I host my TS3 server, Minecraft Server with 70+ Plug-ins, and Website all on one VPS for only $25 a month
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    Don't use Minecraft only hosters. Get a VPS / dedicated box from somewhere else (if oyu can afford it).
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    I could have sworn someone had a thread around here saying dotvps was terrible.
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    ok i have hosting with exodus im running a home server and going to start anew when the 1.3 comes out so for now ive been testing redstone avante mooshroom and exodus ive written off redstone avante mooshroom so im left with exodus I rented a 2 gb server 3 weeks ago and ran the hardest plugins on it that i use ie towny mcmmo chest shop lwc and i use it to test hunger games i like tsg the best so far
    then i asked a bunch of my members to come on on this lil 2 gb host i ran 35 people never buried the cpu and the mem was at 100% on the minecraft viewer but never experienced lag and the lag meter said 20tps and /mem said 36% free and since that test ive uploaded tekkit and tried running that here with np I will be going with exodus after the 1.3 update. im not just saying this i did test all those other servers the biggest thing i like about it is you can use any build you want without having to go to the admin to setup for you like avante you can start your server with them use ftp and if you dont like them after a month ftp the files to your comp and move on ..the good thing about exodus it dont kill your wallet to test them
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    It's been perfect so far, zero downtime, but you have to have a minimal amount of knowledge and the ability to use Google since it is unmanaged. But I'm loving everything they have so far, I'm getting a ping of 80 on my server :p
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    BrandonHopkins Dedicated IP's (default port) cost providers money unless they get a deal direct with Arin. It's not cheap. $8 is for base plugin management, if you can't do it, why should someone else for free : P ?
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    Out of everything I can handle plugins with ease xD
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    nope been running servers for almost 3 years and have no clue what to do :/

    Redstone host I had 5 plugins lag out of control and two players on a 40 person server took out the plugins got a new map 4 players lagged out of control took them 5 days to reply to my ticket saying they didnt no what the issue was and must be on my end yet all players had the lag... I had paid for it for 3 months and it all that time it never got better.

    Beastnote Same plugins same time same build with 20-30 more added to it and 20 more players with less ram ran without lag support tickets answerd in less then 5 min.

    Fragnet almost as good as beastnode takes about 10-min to 30 to reply no lag.

    and I have heard from a large amount of other people that redstone host has ripped them off.
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    VPS and Dedicated also depends on their knowledge...
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