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    Could someone please port over or re-write the exact spawn plugin from hMod, i tried finding the exact topic even searched for it but i cant find it on hMod forums anymore.. :confused:..

    Anyways, basically the admin can type /setspawn and it will put the spawn to that EXACT spot orientation, where your facing and everything. They also made it to where it could be in buildings since it was exact but i think that also took some editing to hMod for that to work proper.

    Anyways i was hoping someone could port it over? And if possible make the death an exact pinpoint back to spawn as well instead of still randomized. The old one did exact spawn for /spawn and when you first joined the server but didn't fix death respawn.

    If there is a topic for this exact request i apologize but i looked around >.> and if the API isnt in yet for this then feel free to let me know and ill move on. :p
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    actually the death respawn worked, just not 100%, it would always get you to the point but not always the accurate one.

    as i took over this project in hmod i will port it sooner or later to bukkit.
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    May i ask how long "sooner or later" is? lol
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    might aswell try to finish it today :)
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    That would be overly awesome if you could release it today. :]!
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    I also am looking forward to an ExactSpawn (or similar plugin) port. :D
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    Josh Sagnella

    I"ll give you a big hug if it's done today. Actually, I'll give you a big hug no matter when you do it :-P
    This is the last plugin I need before my server it back to how it was in hmod days.

    Thanks for your effort!.

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    I support this :)
    Is there a way to make the default spawn move too and not just the death respawn?
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    Looking forward for this and thanks!
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    Any progress Silent. :p!
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    Any update? :)
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    Josh Sagnella

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    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 6:48 PM ---
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    Yeah, this would be extremely useful. Our spawn used to be inside a gazebo, but now people appear on it's roof. lol

    I hope this can be ported/made soon! ^_^; *will be grateful*
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    waiting for the PLAYER_RESPAWN hook to be added.

    i also asked sk89q to add it into worldguard as a feature, might decide something later on when there is hooks for it.
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    Ah, thanks for that update. Guess all we can do right now is wait. ^_^;
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    Ah, thanks for the update Silent :D
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    I need this >_< . im trying to set up a puzzle spawn. so you have to complete the questions to to get out :)

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