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Does Bukkit's mass of plugins provide enough flexibility for servers?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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    It has come to my attention that the Bukkit discussion section is not being filled with Topics relating to Developer Hunting. Developers what do you think?
    Is it even necessary? With all of the current Bukkit plugins available, isn't there enough server flexibility as it is?
    Developers, are you flattered by this? Annoyed?
    Just let me know what you guys think, I find this rather interesting.
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    Searching for a Dev doesnt just mean Creating plugins that are already out there or using a couple together some server owners Like myself are after someone to update dead plugins that are great ideas or just work on some private ones that are to be built just for the server itself and not be released

    True tho if you look hard enough theres many of plugins that can do what a lot of people want but they just dont look or Cant be aresd to

    Thats just my 2p on the subject ;)
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    If a certain server is looking for a plugin developer, then there should be reason for the developer to there. Either due to love of the project that is the server, or for another form of payment. Serverhosts expecting to get programming robots who do their work for free? A big no.
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    Very valid point.
    Point taken, I myself agree.
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    Personally since I am a dev my self I don't need others to be a dev for my own server. However they are helpful for major servers(300+ active users) other then that I think it is pointless. A good dev will want to get pain for their work because it does take time to make plugins, manage a server and make sure everything works smoothly. So usually only major servers will have the income to actually pay a dev. Of coarse this is just my opinion. Everyone things different.
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    That's what all of this is, just opinions :)
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