Event for checking when a player enters an area?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by civ77, May 2, 2012.

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    How would I use an event to check when a player enters an area? I want to stop players from being able to enter an area under certain circumstances and I can't think of any way of doing this, do I need to create a custom event (I have no idea how to do this)?
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    Before you use this, note that this code may be heavy in resource usage on larger servers.
    public void onMove(PlayerMoveEvent event) {
    Location loc = event.getPlayer().getLocation;
    int x = loc.getBlockX();
    int y = loc.getBlockY();
    int z = loc.getBlockZ();
    if (region.getX() > x > region2.getX() && region.getY()> y > region2.getY() && region.getZ() > z > region2.getZ()) {
    //teleport the player out or set event to cancelled.
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    Yeah I was worrying about the resource usage of onPlayerMove because this is intended for use in a plugin to interface with factions, so it is designed for large servers.
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    If you know that regions have integer coordinates, you can first check whether the player moved to another block before checking whether he's in a (new) region:
    if (e.getFrom().getBlockX() != e.getTo().getBlockX() || e.getFrom().getBlockY() != e.getTo().getBlockY() || e.getFrom().getBlockZ() != e.getTo().getBlockZ()) {
        // moved to another block
    You can now loop through all regions and check whether e.getFrom() and/or e.getTo() are in the region. If both are within the region or outside, do nothing, but if one is outside and one inside you know that the player entered/left this region.

    PS: If the z-coordinate doesn't matter for the regions you can remove the check for z.
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    Njol I know how to use the event, I was looking for an event or some way of checking when players enter an area which doesn't use loads of rescources.
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    Make it only do the check every x server ticks?
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    how would I do that? AFAIK you can't use sleep() to delay an event.
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    Use a delayed repeating task.

    I would provide a link but i am on my phone atm.

    Try looking through the tutorials in the dev area.
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