Evenprime85 (NoCheat dev) last words.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by spunkiie, Aug 8, 2012.

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    So I've sent Evenprime85 (The genius guy that created NoCheat) an e-mail begging him to return to the scene. Without him the evil (cheats and cheaters) are winning the battle, unfortunately. Let's face the facts: There's no decent anti-cheat solution today. NoCheatPlus is dead and AntiCheat is problematic. Mojang, besides the failed "allow-flight" server option has done absolutely NOTHING to stop ppl from destroying Minecraft multiplayer with their hacked clients.

    So, I've asked Evenprime85 to save our serveradmins poor souls. I even said we could make a donation campaign to pay for his time. Here's the reply I got from him:

    Well, guess we are fucked :(
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    On the contrary, it opens up the door for other folks to actually have a go!
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    Oh, sure.. 300+ server admins will just seat and wait (while their servers get abused) someone "have a go"
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    Because both AntiCheat and NoCheatPlus don't work. *sighs*
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    I think your under the impression that every plugin developer for bukkit are nowhere near as good as Evenprime85, He has abandoned nocheat along time ago and since there are great alternatives such as NoCheatPlus and AntiCheat, AntiCheat being made by h31ix whose probably read the code of the most plugins for bukkit as he works hard to approve and disprove hundreds of plugins from bukkitdev and at the same time make a plugin that does what it says Stop Cheating and is Actively developed not abandoned like old nocheat...
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    NoCheatPlus is dead man. AntiCheat lags and has a lot of false positives on very larger server (400+)

    Btw: How many players do your server have? 30?

    No one is irreplaceable, but there are people with super natural talent and intelligence. Evenprime85 is one of those people.

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    I don't currently have a server but I'm involved in a few with 400-500 players regularly.
    Anyway, there will be new anticheat solutions coming out soon(ish), so hopefully people will have a lot more choice!
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    Lets hope so :p
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    Well I'll be working on one of my own, for one.
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    NoCheatPlus is dead? NeatMonster was working on it yesterday for several hours...
    And AntiCheat is quite new...not surprising it still has a lot on the todo list.

    Perhaps double-checking stuff before making posts?
  11. Anticheat has some bugs to be ironed out, but the spy function is invaluable. Give it time, most admins have to investigate with good 'ol logblock/coreprotect for now
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    Will that be public? Always been a fan of your plugins (and generators when you had 'em!).
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    Lol, "NoCheatPlus is dead" ahahaha!! False. I watched NeatMonster's livestream updating the plugin for 1.3.1! He did a dev build yesterday and it works on my test server. Am I right?

    I say that plugin is still active.
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    Yeah man, it's dead. You've worked hard on it for a long time, but it's time to move on. Things don't last forever, times have just got to change. I'm sorry for you, man, I truly am.
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    Oh, so now you're going to ddos everyone's servers here because kids are "abusing" on your server right? I'm sure that will make evenprime come back and update the plugin for you.
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    I mean what the OP says, Its false. NoCheatPlus is active. Even you did a dev build yesterday.
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    @spunkiie @Evenprime85 is not the only good coder we have here on bukkit.org NeatMonster is also doing a great job with continuing the old NoCheat. Yesterday he changed NC+ completely and now it is using java reflection (was a bit risky but it worked!). Actually the final version NC+ 3.7.0 will be a lot better then NoCheat ever was, it will block much more cheats with much better performance. You only have experience with the lasts version of NoCheat which is stable of course but you should consider checking the older versions also. NoCheat had also problems in the beginning like AntiCheat has now. So no reason to make AntiCheat bad, it is doing a greet job and has a new coding style then NoCheat or NoCheatPlus.

    And if you care so much about your server then why don't you learn java and continue NoCheat by yourself. I kind have the feeling that you put java coding for such a plugin in a "fast, easy" place.

    And Jesus developers are humans not robots, they also have a life to life and sometimes the life needs more time then java. And if the issue is solved the developer will come always back if he cares about his plugin, that just how it is. Most importing thing when you code a plugin is: The interest to code it if you just code it for money you drop it sooner or later.

    Nope we are not fucked, we are saver then we would ever be with NoCheat now.
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    This guy just doesn't understand much ... jesus.
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    It will be, yep
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    I have to question why you would send that kind of an email, when he clearly said he was leaving.. but in any case:

    It's not like I turn a blind-eye to issues present in stuff I develop. I'm fully aware of problems in AntiCheat, and every time I see something going wrong I investigate and test it; bugs in stuff I develop makes me more angry than it does you. But you do have to cut me a bit of slack and realize that NoCheat/NoCheat plus is a few days under a year old at this point, and AntiCheat has only been around since April. I'd like to think that in the time I've had a pretty good amount has been accomplished, but like I said when I launched the project, this will never be "finished", it's always improving and changing.

    Furthermore, I'm not a wizard, I don't just mystically know when something has gone wrong with AntiCheat. If you find problems, it would be more than helpful to report them to me in one way or another. The accumulation of issues so far has already been leading us to rewrite AntiCheat to fix those issues, and be more stable and feature-rich. However, I can't just fix something if I don't know the problem exists, which is where you come in. I'm more than willing to dedicate tons of time to put into this, more than I already have (hell, I'm going to re-write the entire thing and base it entirely off community suggestions) , but to make it worth anything I need to know what is going wrong.
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    Your live stream was good and your avatar is good. I love dexter and have seen every episode. It's the best tv series!
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    We (developers working on anti-cheat solutions) are doing our best to prevent your server(s) from being griefed. This is a voluntary work and trust me it isn't easy all days. So, if you don't want to use AntiCheat or NoCheatPlus for any reason, it's your choice and not our fault. As h31ix said, we're trying to fix the issues of our plugins, we're open to suggestions and listening to our users. Feel free to send us pull requests if you can do something better than we do.

    I only agree with you on one thing: Evenprime is a genius and we'll all miss him.

    A little bit off-topic but thank you!
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    @h31ix Totally agree with you dude ;), you even agreed to add NC+ stuff when it was inactive witch is always nice to hear ;P. Wish you good luck on the recoding of AntiCheat, hope it fixes also so much as it does on our side for NC+ now :confused:. I will always spy its status ^_^

    @spunkiie at least good that you asked @Evenprime85 before starting that donation campaign, that would have annoyed the hell out of him. Bukkit plugin developers are coding for free and not for money, OpenSourcewill always be better then ClosedSource. If @Evenprime85 doesn't want to code NoCheat anymore then he can drop it anytime he wants to drop it, you should see it as hobby and if you get bored of it your drop it also. Most developers use the donation to for the plugin itself, for example they buy a server for it or a website to make it better.

    You should give h31ix and NeatMonster a big THX that they are trying to code a better replace for NoCheat and FREE!

    If you want to make NC+ or AntiCheat better then make for every bug you find a good explained ticket and I'm sure the developers will fix it as soon as they can for you.
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