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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Etherous, May 6, 2011.

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    I've decided to create a new API and corresponding set of plugins. This project has been in planning since May 6th, 2011.

    I will be creating a service based API which, for lack of better name, will be called MineCraft++ for the time being. The idea is to create an entirely modular system of plugins which communicate through the passing of service requests, events, and callbacks. I plan to utilize existing plugins as much as possible in order to reduce work and code duplication. In addition to the API itself, I plan to create new plugins which use the API. To start with, I have 6 plugin ideas which would add huge functionality to MineCraft. They are as follows:

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    Provides a full securities market and financial system, where all types of securities can be traded, including:
    • Commodities
    • Forwards
    • Futures
    • Options
    • Stocks
    • Bonds
    • Currencies
    • Contracts
    • Securitize anything, including creation of derivatives
    • Algorithms for determining credit rating and risk based on history
    • Debt
    Integrates with:

    • Legal (Contracts, restrictions, restrictions)
    • Functional (patents, commodities)
    • Organizational (stocks, corporate bonds, corporate contracts)
    • National (Restrictions)

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    Provides low level access to MineCraft states and provides new low level functionality. Features include:
    • Low-level access to Minecraft system, allowing manipulation of blocks, inventory and health management, mob spawning, time, weather, etc.
    • Complex integrated circuits
    • Scripting of components (Lua?)
    • Vehicles
    • New materials
    • Book-based data sharing mechanisms (write manually, schematics for a device, script, contract, etc.)
    • Patents
    • Full power system based on electrical and mechanical energy (wires, generators, gears, shafts, pistons, springs, engines, electrical lights, etc.)
    • Full physics with individually customizable effects, including fluid and gas dynamics, temperature, and real gravity
    • Higher definitions of ownership (items, chests, areas, mobs, etc.)
    • Comprehensive communication system, including channels, forums, and mail
    Integrates with:

    • Legal (patents)

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    Provides full legal system. Features include:
    • Contracts
    • Patents, trademarks, copyrights
    • Litigation
    • Alternative dispute resolution
    • Court heirachy, Judges, Juries
    • Civil vs Criminal
    • Regional law customization
    • Prison
    • Fines
    • Bail
    • Criminal record

    • Some region plugin (must be 3D)
    Integrates with:

    • National (regional laws and governmental legal systems)
    • Financial (civil suits involving tort)
    • Organizational (disputes between corporations)
    • Functional (patents)

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    Provides a system for creating and managing national entities. Features include:
    • Create, capture, split, and destroy national entities
    • Entities can be composed of smaller sub-entities (regions, states, counties, cities, etc.)
    • Allocation of land, supporting splitting due to capture or purchase
    • Manage citizens, including types (full, work, illegal, elite, etc.)
    • Legal systems
    • Tax support
    • Economics
    • Currency
    • Trade restrictions
    • Treaties/Aliances/Wars
    • Management of government entities, appointment of officials
    • Zoning laws and permits

    • Some region plugin (must be 3D)
    Integrates with:

    • Legal (National and regional laws, restrictions, contracts, legal systems, treaties, zoning, permits)
    • Organizational (governmental entities)
    • Financial (Purchases/sales, citizen income management, tax, economics, trade, currency)

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    Provides full organization functionality, including:
    • Forming, merging, purchasing, desolving of organizations
    • Profit tracking
    • Inventory management
    • Assets, property, and accounts
    • Employees
    • Board
    • Investors
    • Stock offerings, bond issuances
    • Tracking of competition
    • Departments
    • Subsidiaries
    • Corporate patents, trademarks, and copyrights
    • Policies (enforceable depending on regional laws)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    Integrates with:

    • Legal (contracts, mergers, purchases, policies, patents, trademarks, and copyrights)
    • Financial (Most corporate functionality, profits, assets, wages, investments)
    • National (effects what a corporation can do, policies, international trade, currency, taxes, NPOs)

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    Provides profession system. Features include:
    • Customizable profession designations
    • Skill system
    • Experience system
    • Various methods of payment
      • Wage
      • Salary
      • Piece-rate
      • Commission
      • Contract
    • Work reviews
    • Reputation system
    • Unemployment services
    • Employee benefit packages (insurance, stock options)
    • Personal patents
    • Skill/Experience plugin
    • Reputation plugin
    Integrates with:
    • Financial (payment methods, benefits)
    • Functional (skills, experience, patents)
    • Legal (contracts, reputation)
    • National (professions, wage laws, unemployment services, benefits)
    • Organizational (employment, job descriptions, contracts)

    All functionality can be managed through commands in-game, in addition to a comprehensive integrated web interface. Permissions are fully supported.

    Universal dependencies:
    • iConomy
    • Permissions
    • Web server w/ JSP (for web interface)
    • Some database
    I have decided to develop the Financial plugin first and define a standard API as I do so. I will post more in-depth information, plans, and eventually design information in the future. I do not yet know the time frame of the project, but I plan to make the API itself available as early as possible. It would help greatly if I had development help. Any additional developers will get their name in the project contributers list and will receive a portion of any subsequent donations. Please contact me if you're interested, or if you have any input whatsoever, including feature recommendations or suggestions. Thanks for you interest.
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