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    Plugin category: Crates

    Suggested name: EtherealCrates

    What I want: I would like a crate plugin that allows you to set the items for different prizes (eg: mcMMO Credits = Zombie Heads) I would like the chances to be customizable, I would like the rewards to show when you punch the chest (I would like it like this > And I would like it to be able to broadcast a message ingame when a player gets something from a crate. And if it has to be customizable in config then I would like it to be a bit easier to understand. And I would like to have a Tripwire hook to act as the crate key and I would like it to be customizable in the config (eg: -------------->

    'Voting Crate'
    Key: 131 (TRIP WIRE HOOK ID)

    Name: '&a&lVoter &6&lKey'
    Lore: '&aA reward for voting'

    Ideas for commands:

    - /ec addcrate <cratename> (adds a crate when you look at a chest)
    - /ec addchance <cratename> <amount> <item>
    - /ec delchance <cratename> <amount> <item>
    - /ec additem <cratename> <amount>
    - /ec delitem <cratename> <amount>
    - /ec editannounce <message> (Edit Announce message when a player opens a crate. eg:%PLAYER% has opened a {TYPEOFCRATE} and received {ITEM(S)
    - /ec editprefix <prefix> (Edits the prefix before the announce message eg: 78[7d&lEtherealCrates&8]

    Ideas for permissions:
    - etherealcrates.addcrate (adds a crate when you look at a chest)
    - etherealcrates.addchance (adds a chance to get that item)
    - etherealcrates.delchance (deletes a chance of getting that item)
    - etherealcrates.additem (adds an item to that crate)
    - etherealcrates.delitem (deletes an item from that crate)
    - etherealcrates.editannounce (Edits announce message)
    - etherealcrates.editprefix (Edits the prefix of the plugin)

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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