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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by masterzen24, May 29, 2012.

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    First off, I want to talk about the plugin called 'EssentialsChat'. It's a great plugin don't get me wrong, but there is problems I'm having with it. I recently switched over from PermissionsEx to Group Manager, and I've been told that I need EssentialsChat to get the prefix's in front of names. I got that worked out, but for some reason 'EssentialsChat' is bringing errors to my Commands Prompt. Whenever I talk with my prefix it brings up an error which pops up like this ( just a small part of error )

    I'm not sure if it's a plugin interfering with another plugin or what, please help!

    Another problem I'm having finding a solution to is Group Manager. I've figured out how the plugin works and everything is fine, except for one small thing. I have a Multi-world plugin and I want to have 'GroupManager' interact with another world. I switched to GroupManager because of it's Multi-world support and I need to figure out this problem. I have a couple classes which are 'Donator' 'VIP' 'Premium' & 'Elite' I need to figure out a way so that when these classes switch from the main world over to 'Donator World' Their prefixes stay the same, instead of having to go to each world and set their rank individually. I want it to automatically correct itself and switch from the main world to DonatorWorld without having any problems. Thanks and I would love your help!
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    Are you using an old version of the EssentialsChat plugin that was released before the changes to the events system?
    Go to to download the latest version and try again.

    Failing that, please can you post a list of your plugins?
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    You are either using the an old version of EssentialsChat or you have plugins interfering. If you have Mchat and EssentaialsChat, they are going to interfere.
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    GroupManager's multi-world setup is actually pretty easy to setup, there's just a trick or two you need to know.
    If you could provide me with a few more pieces of information, I could give you a more detailed and specific guide on how to setup GM.

    If you would, please specify:
    • If you are using one groups.yml configuration for all worlds or if you have world-specific group permissions
      • Do you want every group to have the same permissions in each world? Ex: Do you want "Default," "Builder," "Moderator," "VIP," etc. to have the same exact permissions in each world?
    • The number of worlds and their names, including which world is your "main world." That is, it is the world specified in
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