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    Is it possible to let essentials run a specific command on someones FIRST join. not their second or third but their first. Next to welcoming them i want to run a command just 1s for them saving loads of questions and annoyance.

    Ive seen plugins for it but they tend to do way more then i intend to want when a player first joins, i use essentials on the welcoming part for >>> welcome <displayname> kits given on that point, then pex for auto grouping. and all other perms. but most first join also do that and check for gm and god knows what..
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    It depends.

    You can use a commandblock. If you want them to get a kit when joining the system "kitadder" is smart. If you name a kit "starter" it'll automatically give you starter.

    Hope this helped.
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    im not keen on placing command blocks all over the place they arent as safe and people think they are. 1 small bug and 1 simple minded person and the block doesnt say "hello and welcome" but stop or shutdown or op @p Ment for example if someone joined and i wanted it to run the command to automaticly claim a plot(incase a plot plugin doesnt have the auto on join claim system)

    Apperantly noone no matter what has permission to do /help at all :confused:
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