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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by cxbeo, Jun 23, 2019.

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    Hey all!

    I've tried to google the issue and tried a few different things. I'm very much a beginner with this kind of stuff and just looking for some help, friendly replies only! I have a small minecraft server hosted through apex for my friends and family to use as my computer couldn't handle it internet-wise (perks of being in Australia).

    I have installed the essentials plugin. My issue has arisen now when a few people have started to invite friends along which I don't have a problem with, but they have been unable to use our warps. Before this, everyone on the server was close friends and family so I just opped them. Obviously now I don't want to just op everyone as there are people we don't know. The goal is for anyone who joins the server to be able to use all the warps.

    I read in the config file to set use-bukkit-permissions to false, which I've done. Then in the permissions section I've added the word 'essentials' to each of the ones I wanted active. What am I doing wrong? Please help!! :(

    This is the permissions section, I didn't want to install anymore permissions system, just one default thing for everyone as it's more of a personal server not an open one.

    # If you do not wish to use a permission system, you can define a list of 'player perms' below.
    # This list has no effect if you are using a supported permissions system.
    # If you are using an unsupported permissions system, simply delete this section.
    # Whitelist the commands and permissions you wish to give players by default (everything else is op only).
    # These are the permissions without the "essentials." part.
    # To enable this feature, please set use-bukkit-permissions to false.
      - afk
      - essentials.back
      - back.ondeath
      - balance
      - balance.others
      - balancetop
      - build
      - chat.color
      - chat.format
      - chat.shout
      - chat.question
      - clearinventory
      - compass
      - depth
      - delhome
      - getpos
      - help
      - helpop
      - essentials.home
      - home.others
      - ignore
      - info
      - itemdb
      - kit
      - list
      - mail
      - mail.send
      - me
      - motd
      - msg
      - msg.color
      - nick
      - near
      - pay
      - ping
      - protect
      - r
      - rules
      - realname
      - seen
      - sell
      - sethome
      - setxmpp
      - signs.use.balance
      - signs.use.disposal
      - signs.use.enchant
      - signs.use.gamemode
      - signs.use.heal
      - signs.use.kit
      - signs.use.mail
      - signs.use.sell
      - signs.use.time
      - essentials.signs.use.warp
      - essentials.spawn
      - suicide
      - essentials.time
      - tpa
      - tpaccept
      - tpahere
      - essentials.tpdeny
      - essentials.warp
      - essentials.warp.list
      - essentials.warps.*
      - world
      - worth
      - xmpp
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    Try removing 'essentials.' from 'essentials.warp' etc.
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