Question Essentials Signs, Nicknames, and Permissions for Staff

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TheColossalX, Jun 18, 2015.

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    Okay so this is to address three things. First off is the the signs in essentials aren't working (warp, change weather, sell, buy, etc). I looked at the wiki and it said after version 2.8 or later they are disabled by default but I have no clue how to fix that. Second, I've always wanted to have nicknames be anything that fits in chat box (71 characters). In the essentials config, there is a thing that says
    # The maximum length allowed in nicknames. The nickname prefix is included in this.
    max-nick-length: 15
    I changed it to 71 but it didn't change anything. Lastly, for some odd reason, despite the fact that my HeadStaff rank has the permission node '*' , my headstaff can't preform certain commands from some of our plugins. Any help on these are much appreciated. ^_^
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    Link to essentials config:
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    Can you post your actual Essentials config? Just paste it on and link the URL here.
    For signs you should be able to go in and search for enabled-signs and take only the number signs (#) out from in front of the hyphens (-).

    For the nick length you've already found the right spot. Make sure that after you change it you run /essentials reload in game. Try doing a nickname of 30, then 40, then 50, and so on. When you're not able to then go back to the last number you could and add a character to it. It may be that Essentials doesn't support having 71 characters for a nickname.

    As far as your permission node problem goes, would you please Pastebin your groups.yml and users.yml if you're using GroupManager or permissions.yml if you're using PermissionsEx?

    Also if you have a server on 1.8 or higher then make sure you have gotten your Essentials from the following link if you haven't already:
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    Thanks for the reply. I did what you said with the nicknames and signs and it worked so thanks a lot. Here is my groups.yml
    Here is the users.yml
    Also, if you could make the ranks global that would be great ^_^
    I just have one more question. When I installed PrisonRankup, it didn't work. I did /pl and it was red. I don't believe its a compatibility issue and I did install it correctly as far as I am aware. Also, I still have a permissions.yml file in my server files in the first directory. Should I delete that?
    @oceantheskatr @jacklin213
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    If you're using 1.8 then get Rankup, if you're using anything higher then use EZRanksLite
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    In-game do /mangdeli headstaff admin. This will remove the inheritance as it's not necessary since HeadStaff has start perms. I think that some of the global groups may have negative nodes that HeadStaff group is inheriting and causing people in that group to not have access to certain commands. Be sure to do /mansave after that.

    As for global groups, do you want every world to have the same groups?
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    Yes, I want all of them to have the same groups.
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    Post your config.yml for GroupManager please.
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    Yes, that command will say that when run.

    See where it says world: in the config? Change that to whatever you've set your default world to in your and save it and do /manload. Should be all you need to do for all worlds to have same groups
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