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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Extraut, Jun 30, 2018.

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    Hi guys,

    So im having trouble with my server, what im basically after is signs to warp from place to place.
    I'm struggling right now as I finally got it so that players can use a sign to warp from my hub to my prison but cannot use another sign to warp back to my hub.
    I am using multiverse core so the hub and prison are different maps thats why im using warps to go from 1 to the other.
    As an op both signs work both ways but in non op only the sign to the prison works.

    I have tried so many different permissions.

    only looking at getting default sorted first.
    currently using PEX

    any help would be appreciated!
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    Hi there,

    Does the player have the permissions to go to both warps? - Essentials uses essentials.warps.[warpname] as the permission node for using the warps. (per warp permission) also make sure they have the permission node

    Let me know if I was of assistance to you :)

    - ES Team.
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    I have made sure that these are the nodes inputted and still not able to spawn back to hub from prison.
    Here is a new paste-bin of my permissions as I've have taken a lot out:

    What im thinking the problem is that because they are 2 separate worlds only one world is giving permission to use the signs (hub) and the other is not (prison)
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    @Extraut It's possible to have different permissions per world, that might be why, try checking if they have the required permission in the correct world.
    Prison world should have essentials.warps.hub and Hub should have essentials.warps.prison (or something like that :p)
    I hope this helps.
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