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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by VanillaSnack, Sep 12, 2014.

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    Hi there,

    I use Essentials and Essentials Spawn. in the Essentials Config I used "prevent: creeper blockdamage = true" ... restarted the server ...... spawned some creeper and BOOM .... blocks got destroyed... but I even I set it to prevent block damage

    so what can I do so Creepers wont destroy blocks ? Do I need "Essentials Protect" especially for that ?
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    I think you do, but to keep you outa trouble I sugest you use a plugin specialising on creeper explosions to stop em.
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    u sure its Essentials Protect ?
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    Yes you do they put the config in 1 file so its easier to change the config
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    Are you also using WorldGuard? If so, use that to stop your creeper damage.
    If not, I highly suggest you use it.
    Here is a list of flags you can set using WorldGuard,
    As you can see creeper-explosion, other-explosion, and many other useful settings are available.
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    wow nice thanks...

    can you also help me out with PEX ? I made another thread for that and it is more important
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    Download and install world guard, This will work just fine as it does for me. I have not heard of essentials doing the job for this but WorldGuard will get it done in no time!
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    okay.... now I only need to fix that damn PEX >.>

    so what is better PEX or bPermissions ?
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