Solved Essentials not working.

Discussion in 'General Help' started by PixelDistricts, Jan 3, 2015.

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    Yes, I am aware that there have been many posts like this one, though I can't find the solution I need.
    Every time I do a any command it says "An internal error occurred while attempting to preform this command"
    I've taken out Essentials, ran the server, re-installed Essentials to my server many times, and the same thing keeps happening.
    All my plugins are listed in the screenshot. I hope somebody knows how to fix this, as I would like my server to become public by 5 PM today.

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    @PixelDistricts Um well can you give us your latest.log (upload it to pastebin)?
  3. @PixelDistricts Please post full server log and the error that occurs when the message pops up in chat.
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  5. Moved to Bukkit Alternates.

    Do you have the 1.8 Essentials?
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    @bwfcwalshy Didn't work..

    Well, some commands don't come up with the message anymore, some of the plugins are no longer effected.

    I've been looking through the console for a bit.
    I suspect the problem was a plugin that I downloaded yesterday, that was when this problem occoured, though I have deleted everything that plugin had installed with. I have once again tried the latest version of Essentials and no look, though there are some errors showing in the console.
    @bwfcwalshy - Contains: Server stopping, server start-up, logging in, the two commands "help" "list" and in chat typed "Test". (After that I did run the command "/ne" just to see if that plugin had been effected.)

    Fixed - There was a issue in the config.
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