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    Has anyone attempted to edit the file within the Essentials.jar? The reason for my wanting to do this is to change the layout/color of the /broadcast command. Here is the line containing the layout for /broadcast.

    broadcast=[\u00a7cBroadcast\u00a7f]\u00a7a {0}

    What in there would I change to modify the color and what would I change it to?
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    thats interesting, because i believe you can actually modify a TON of the messages this way. but if i were you i'd visit the IRC CHAT for this... They have the answers.
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    Sorry but you didn't answer the question at all. Thanks though.
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    Telling you to ask on the IRC, where the people who know what to do and all that, isnt answering the question?
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    I now how to change it:
    You see things like: \u00a7c
    \u00a7 = Nothing
    c = Color code
    You can change C in an other color code.
    Here are all color codes:
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